Monday, June 2, 2014

Make the Sacrafice

Rainy days in Houston Texas
won't keep me from saving souls!
Found out I will have a least one more transfer here in Houston with Hna B :] which will be good! The work is slow but I know it will pick up as long as we just keep working.

This past week we helped out a member in our ward who has cancer. Some of the other hermanas came with us to help clean up her home. We only spent 2 hours helping give service but you could tell by the look on the sisters face it made all the difference. All day she just sits in the home, alone fighting the pain her cancer is causing. She will have an oporation this week that can hopefully help cure her cancer. She is such a strong woman. 

This past week we didnt have much luck with seeing our investigators. It was hard but slowly we started to see miracles. People that we talked to from outside started letting us into their homes. We focussed a lot this week on how we can help our investigators get to church. Instead of praying to have them come to church, I asked in my prayers what I can do to help more of hs chrildren keep this commandment, the sabbath day. Instead of sitting at the church forever for our investigators to show up, we sacrificed our miles to drive all the way back to the homes of our investigators to help them get to church. door after door and call after call it seemed like no one wanted to come and we made a great sacrifice for nothing. Last investigators door we tried, D and H, said that they could come :] WOW I have never been so happy helping someone come to church haha. Though we were all late by 20 minutes, we made it on time for the blessing of the sacrament. 
Mexican Walmart in TX
From these two experiences and more like them I am remined of one of my favorite scriptures "The trial of your faith (is) more precious than gold" (1 peter 1:7). 

Also, I restudied what I learned in the temple :] I know my heavenly father was really speaking to me in D&C31:5 "thrust in your sickle with all your soul...and ye shall be laden with sheaves upon your back for the laborer is worthy of his hire. wherefore your family shall live". As I looked up the part that talks about that my family shall live it means that the lord will take care of their well being. This tender mercy of the lord gave me so much peace. Many times on my mission I worry for many members of my family!!! It does hurt my heart that I cannot be there when I know someone in my family is struggling. But I know the lord will watch over and protect my family as I am doing his work. I know he never breaks a promise. I know this is his work and his church. I will keep saying that until the day I die, and then on into the eternities haha. I know how precious life is, its short compared to eternity. Live, learn, and love. Forgive those who've wronged you. Live up to your potential. Let people know you're a member of the church of Jesus Christ of lattter day saints! and remember if anyone treats you poorly, or you feel like you cant handle anymore, remember your savior. and know that he's been there before. he knows how to help. i love you all so much :]
FHE fun with the C Family :]

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Mindy Morgan said...

What an awesome blog! Such a great treasure for you after you return home. You look beautiful--absolutely glowing. I know that the people in your mission have been very blessed to have you there. Here is just a friendly hello from the Morgans and the Logans ... We all miss you!! Ellen is already past her one week mark, and sent me a letter written in Spanish. Wishing you an inspiring and uplifting final few weeks of your service. WE love you, Hermana Jaeger!!