Tuesday, May 27, 2014


This week has been SO LONG and not very productive ha. But as I was going through the week I came across a poem that mom sent to me awhile back. The poem is called the starfish. Its a short little poem but basically it explained how an old man is one morning walking along the beach. In the distance he sees a young man picking up starfish from along the shore and throwing them into the sea. The older man catches up the young man and asks what he is doing, the young man responds, "If the starfish stay out here on the shore they will die from the rays of the sun". The older man replied, "Do you think that you can save ALL of the starfish here along the seashore?" The young man bent down, picked up a starfish, tossed it into the sea and replied, "Well, I made a difference for that one."

Being on the mission I can relate SO MUCH more to this story! At times I feel like I cannot do everything for everyone in my mission area and satan is telling me, "do you think your little efforts are really making a difference?" Some weeks, like this past week, I feel as though I made very little difference. But when I look from the individuals perspective I hope and feel I made a difference for that one. This past week a member in my area found out she has cancer. Yesterday we visited her and I couldn't help but cry. She was the lady that a few months ago we spent her birthday together. The member, with tears in her eyes explained, "I know eventually in life, God gives us trials that strengthen our faith. Now this is my time, the trial of my faith". As I sat there looking at the sweet Hermana I couldn't help but think WHY this incredible lady, who did no wrong in her life, has to suffer so much! I'm sure Heavenly Father felt that same when he watched his perfect son suffer on the cross. I know trials are apart of this life, but only last a moment when looking at the situation with eternal eyes. "God puts trials and allows adversity to come into the lives of the great ones". (this comes from my patriarchal blessing, as it talks about how my children will have trials they will face, but then ends with that phrase which gives me hope and comfort that in the end all will be well).

I love you guys so much and am glad you're all doing well :] I'm excited if kels gets to come to kennedys farewell in Texas but PLEASE no surprises okay> I think I will honestly pass out if I see Kelsey before I get home haha. Maybe if you stay long enough though you could fly home with me Kels :] we will see. I've always planned on seeing you all at the airport. Bah I'm feeling sick talking about going home. Ha have  good week :]

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