Monday, May 12, 2014

Thank You

It was so niec to see all your faces and hear your voices Skping :] Its weird to think how long its been since I've hugged you all (not for you Aus, you were sneaky and saw me here before you left on your mission haha). 

This week was awesome! Hna B and I have been helping our recent converts with family history so they can take names to the temple. When we had a zone conference with the mission president he talked about how we need to help people with their family history, which is what my comp and i were already doing! Last week the ward had a temple trip set for the youth and recent converts to go to , we had 2 recent converts and made it our goal to get them to the temple!  With L and his family we went to their home, his mom E said they were trying so hard to get info about SOMEONE but found nothing. I told them, "Well I know there is power in prayer. If we pray with faith that we will find an ancestor of yours to take to the temple the Lord will help us!". After about 2 hours we found the info of a grandfather that the F family was able to take to the temple :D J the other recent convert also went to the temple. We watched them do temple baptisms, it was an incredible expereince. To see them be baptized is one thing, but to see them THEN go to the temple is incredible. I want to help EVERYONE not just be baptized but go to the temple. That is the place were testimonies are strengthened. On Sunday J actually stood infront of the class and bore his testimony about bapstims for the dead and his experience in the temple :] it was so awesome! 
I love you all so much! I know the Lord is watching over you all and protecting you :] let me know if you want me to send you something cool from Texas before I go home!!

P.S. i love that you ate elotes hahaha. for my homecoming maybe we can cook come hispanic food :D

HAAAAAPPPPY BBIIIRTTTHHDDAAAAY mi hermanito (little brother)! I love you so much Garrett you are getting SO OLD! and what the you have facial hair and your voice is deep?! where did my little garr bear go?!! I hope you have a great 17th birthday bud :] eat lots of cake for me and give yourself a BIIIIG hug for me haha. I love you sweet garrett :]

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