Monday, September 22, 2014

Then Is My Soul Filled With Joy! ~ 2 Baptisms! ~ Last letter as a Missionary!

My companion Hermana B and I
Wow, my last letter to send home as a missionary. I cannot put into the words all the good and sad emotions I have felt the past few days. I think at church on Sunday it really hit me that I am going home (especially after having to say a closing prayer or bear my testimony in each class or meeting haha). I love the Hispanic people, every time I see one I just want to talk to them and just help them feel of the love their Savior has for them :] they are a beautiful people and I have been so blessed to work with them throughout my mission. 
good bye cake  ~  hispanic tradition to "mordida" or bite the cake 
(so they can push your face into it)haha

How grateful I am to have followed the prompting of extending my mission. The few weeks before the extention and during the last 4 weeks that I extended my mission were probably some of the most hardest weeks I had to face during my whole mission, actually during my whole life to be honest. But I have grown from those experiences, and I am who I am today because of what I have gone through and grown through :] A few weeks ago I had a normal interview with President Ashton of the mission. As I expressed to him my concerns about my area and going home he simply said, "Stop stressing. Just put your trust in the Lord". That has been something I have been learning even BEFORE my mission! To trust in the Lord, replace my fear with faith. 

Our investigator C has been progressing so well! The other day we stopped by to say hello and found her mom and grandmother came to visit from Mexico. We shared a quick message about families and left. I put my trust in the Lord that things will be fine :] and she will be baptized when she is ready. She called us later that week andshe said she was ready to be baptized:] We also have another investigator J who has been progressing so well in the gospel! The only things holding him back was that he just wanted to know more before baptism. J didnt even have his baptismal interview until sunday morning before church started, he passed:]
C and J Baptism  :]
Hermana B  and I were able to be apart of the baptisms for BOTH C and J!!!!!!!! My heart was filled with so much joy!!! How grateful I am to have been able to see the fruits of our labors, especially right before I head home :]

"I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and glory in it. do not glory of myself, but glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory, that perhaps may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy. And behold, when see many of my brethren truly penitent,and coming to the Lord their God, then is my soul filled with joy;then do remember what the Lord has done for me, yea, eventhat he hath heard my prayer; yea, then do remember hismerciful arm which  he extended towards me."(alma 29:9-10)

I testify to these words, all the good that has occured on my mission has not been because of me, but of the Lord. How grateful I am to have been an intrusment in the Lords hands for the past 19 months, the mission I've experienced has not only changed the lives of others but has changed mine as well. No joy has been greater for me then that of seeing others change for the better and follow Jesus christ.  I am forever grateful for my savior jesus christ, and will serve him for the rest of my life and onward. How blessed I am for my family in California :] for my parents who have supported me here on my mission through all I have gone through. How happy I am to also have another part of my newly found family here in Texas :] I know one day I will return to see all those who I have met on my mission, if not then I know in Heaven I will be able to see them with open arms and smiling faces :]
Forgot umbrellas...SOAKED  ~  Sister pic :]
Zone pic  ~  J took me here!  :]
I know without a doubt I have a Heavenly Father, he loves me. How grateful I am for ALL the good and bad I went through during my mission. It has changed me for the better. How excited I am to be reunited with my sweet family :] returning with honor not as a returned missionary, but as a released missionary :]

I love you all! See you all very soon :] Adios!
love- Hermana Ashley Susan Jaeger
Hermana P teaching me to cook  ~  Rainy days in TX
Payback for scaring her  ~  Last time I will see this
Houston Texas

Monday, September 15, 2014


Well this past week has gone by  so very slow haha. As hard as I try I have been so distracted about coming home haha, I am really excited to see you all :] I received a package from mom this past week that had a cd in it. The words to one of the songs really stuck out to me, "Let it go". I read a talk this past week that also used this phrase of "letting it go" or "leaving things alone".One of the apostles of the church shared a story about a man who eventually learned to "let things go"

I believe the story happened in the early 1900's There was a newly couple who were expecting their first child. The night the wife went into labor she started having problems. Her husband tried to contact the local city doctor to have him rush over to help with the birth of the child. The doctor finally arrived at the home, he had just come rushing from helping a sickly person at another home a few blocks away. The doctor seeing that the pregnancy was risking the lives of both the baby and the mother he did the best he could and the beautiful baby was born. A few days later the new mother passed away from an illness the doctor was treating with the person he had previously visited right before he rushed over to help with the pregnancy. The new father was filled with devistation and depression. This father stuggled for many years to get over what had happened. He had many hard feelings against the doctor. A few years after the accident the father was pulled in my the stake president. The stake president knew of his situation and simply told him, "Let it alone. There is nothing you can do to bring her back". The father came to his senses and looked at the situation in the perspective of the doctor, he learned how to forgive him and "let it go". 
so fun when youre crossing the road and a train comes and gets in the way

I've realized in my life that I struggle with EVER letting anything good go! As I come to the close of my mission I yearn to hold on and wanting to stay longer! Just because I am filled with such a beautiful joy as I am in the service of texans here in the hispanic culture. But I know that I have served the Lord with all I have and now is my time to come home. I am filled with so much excitment to finally be able to see you guys again :] its been a long time and I know seeing you all again will be that much sweeter because of how long we have been apart. I lvoe you! see you next week (haha literally I'll totally be able to see you next week :D!!!!!)
YEEEES ill be there soon! - Houston City DownTown

Texas Roads - dog jumped in our car hahaha

fiestas partias :] the kids did a dance for texas  -  Gave some little kids CTR rings to remind them to choose the right!!! 
part of austins bday gift I made to mail to Chile :]  -  Hna P

Monday, September 8, 2014

My Testimony ~ You all are my family

Someone bought us smoothies :)
The weeks have been flying by. This past week I realized that Sept 7 would be my last fast Sunday on my mission, and i felt super impressed the day before church to share my testimony. We had a miracle of having C with her baby come to church, another investigators J H, M R, and a FAMILY A and Y and their kids and a grand kid. It was so fun sitting with the family.  The other day as we talked about the power of hope through Jesus Christ we invited them to church and they all came :]

As I walked up and sat in the chairs at the pulpit waiting to talk, my eyes glanced at all the familiar faces I knew and I started to get emotional. I've really grown to love the members of H 1. the people of the Hispanic culture have such a tender spot in my heart. As I bore my testimony I was filled with the spirit. I explained, "For those of you who do not know a lot about missionaries, we leave our families for 18 months to 2 years to peach the gospel of Jesus Christ. But every Sunday as I come to church I feel as though you are all my family. And we are, because we are all children of God and we are all apart of the same family". 
Its hard to think I only have 2 more Sundays here in Texas as a missionary. Through all the extremely hard trials I have gone through on my mission I would not change a thing. My whole mission, the good and the bad, have all brought me closer to my Savior. all that I went through the past 19 months have been for Him because I love him. I have grown to know him more and feel a LITTLE glimpse of what he suffer through for me, and for those here that i have been blessed to serve with. He has taught me the power of forgiveness. And though I have been rejected for preaching this gospel and hated for being a light I will never let down my standards, I will never stop letting my light shine. I am and will always be a disciple of Jesus Christ. I am a daughter of god, I know that will never change. He loves me and I love him. I know he knows whats best for me which is why I trust in him, and why I am not quick to get mad at him when a trial passes through my life. I know my Father has my best interest in mind. How excited I am to return home with honor to my beautiful family. I believe when I see you all it will be the same feeling I will have one day when I am reunited with my Father, and his son Christ and with all those whos lives I have been able to touch because I am an instrument in the Lords hands. He works through me, this is his work, and his church.

-Hermana Jaeger
The other side of Houston TX!  Maybe cousin A can read this for us when she returnes from S Korea ... 3 days after me!
 I spy.... ~  Comp thought the shirt was a skunk!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I feel my saviors love

Shout out to my Spanish and English Homies :)
All this past week a familiar primary song has been coming to my head. 
  1. 1. I feel my Savior's love
    In all the world around me.
    His Spirit warms my soul
    Through ev'rything I see. He knows I will follow him, GIVE ALL MY LIFE TO HIM, I feel my saviors love. the love he freely gives me.
These words really struck to my heart. I always feel the love of my savior, even during trials. and like the song says, He knows I will give all my life to him. I love him and because of that I am willing to suffer on behalf of his name. These past few weeks have been so trying and struggles from left and right. I feel like Job when Satan is attacking him with everything and still Job held to his faith in god. I know these trials will make me stronger in the end. 

I plead with you to remember to make righteous choices. We have commandments for a reason. Like as parents give children rules to keep them safe, so has our father in heaven given us commandments to keep us safe. I know for a fact if we do not keep his commanements and do not stay obedient we will be miserable in the end. How beautiful the atonement is, that we can be forgiven of our mistakes if we humble ourselves and repent. A beautiful thing I have also learned from my savior is the power of forgiveness. dont let others actions effect you, and dont let satans power control you!! god is more powerful then satan, he can help you out of anything as long as we trust in him. 
Eating Mediterranean food & F at his 1 year baptism mark.  We got him pan dulce

I love you all so much. I thank you for your help and support. I love my mission. It has changed me for the better.

love- Hermana Jaeger
Representing Texas and Mormons

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Farewell, 4 weeks left

This is why they call me Nurse Jaeger
Hey fam :]
A LOT has been going on this past week and I'm surprise I can still remember my name haha. I will try and remember all that good things that went on this past week :]
MTC comp Hna R & MTC friend Hna N

On wednesday we had the farewell temple trip to all the missionaries leaving. It was such a nice experience and I loved seeing my MTC companion Hna R and N again in the temple :] it brought back flash backs of when we would all go together while in the MTC. 

The day before I was able to go on an exchange back to B for a day! Wow it felt so weird being back in my old area, it brought back a lot of good memories of Hna O and Hna S. I made a couple of the members tell Hna S I said hi and to email me haha shes so sweet and today I got 2 emails from her. 
My District!

Hermana O I trained & Hermana G ~ & MTC Companion Hermana R
Hermana T and a ton of Hermanas from the Mission

It was so cool to see I my first convert! At first she didnt recognize me and I thought,  well its okay at least I can see her :] Then when she finally looked up to see us she said, "Wow, what a miracle. I'm so surpired you are here!" It made me feel so happy to see she remembered me and was happy to see me :] because of her health she still kept falling asleep in the lessons but I knew exactly what to do to get her attention :] I realized that since I spent so much time with her I figured out a way to teach her to her needs. I also saw K O and her family :] It was so fun seeing them , K actually came out teaching with us. When I was leaving she said, "You and Hna S were my favorites". I was also able to see the J family who help me out so much driving us to different lessons when it was in the freezing winter. 
My MTC Companion!
sunday we were able to have 6 less actives at church!!!! It was so awesome and a recent convert of mine J :] it was the best thing ever! Monday night we had the farewell dinner with all 40 missionaries. It was fun talking with Hna R again, we had a lot of good laughs about our missions and our time together in the MTC. As we hugged to say goodbye i told her, "Sprint to the end!" And she replied, "Of course. We started and will finish our missions together :]". It was interesting at the farewell dinner, i didnt feel like it was my turn to go home yet. i know im supposed to be here for a reason. 

Last week Ca and G had their baby girl. Her name is A and we will hopefully get to meet her this week :]  hopefully before. 

I love you all so much! I know the last 4 weeks are going to fly by so fast and then I'll be home :] I love you all and hope everything is going well. Adios!
At the Dr again.

Monday, August 18, 2014

I have given you an example

This past week was filled with bitter-sweet moments. I'm not sure why my last few weeks are being so tried but I know something good will come from it. Last Thursday there was a wedding! We hope she will excursize her faith and be baptized. After all the long nightly prayers, fasts, and sacrifices I've done I know that in the end I've done everything I could to help her and I just put all my trust and confidence in God. I know he sees the sacrifices in my companion Hna B and I are going through and I know he will bless us for them. We are planning tonight to help G be baptized next week, she is ready and shes been waiting. I pray things go well.

My companion Hna B is slowly healing. She is such an inspiration to me, she walks up and down and up and down so many flights of stairs and never gives up. It is such an honor to be her companion. She is sacrificing and going through so much to help the people here. Shes been getting crazy leg cramps out of no where, we say the doctor today and he said if it doesn't get better until next week she will need xrays.

With all that is going on for the past two weeks I came across a quote that I can really relate too, " If we are going to be disciples (of Christ), if we are going to say that we are sent by the Lord Jesus Christ, then we had better have some evidence of it. Part of that evidence will be at least a moment in that Garden with those tears, and a step or two in the general direction of Calvary made in anguish and sorrow" -Jeffery R Holland. I am a disciple of Christ, I know I was sent here to this area in H 1 with Hermana B for a very special reason. I know this is His work, I am only an instrument in the Lords hands. I know all that I go through is for Him, and he's felt my pains, burdens, tears, and fears. I know in the Garden of Gethsemane he suffered there and felt all my pains, and he overcame it. And that's what gives me hope, that I will come out of these trials too because He did. I know there is nothing impossible for God, he is all powerful and knows all. Because of this I remember to stay patient. I can only see the little picture of how things will turn out but Heavenly Father has an eternal perspective.

I love all of you and thank you for all the prayers and sacrifices you go through for me and the people in my area. This week is the temple trip for those who are leaving this transfer. I am excited to see all the missionaries I came into the mission, and feel so happy that I have a couple more weeks left in the mission. This is my life and I love every minute of it because I know the "trial of [my] faith is more precious then gold"-bible.

love- Hermana Jaeger

Monday, August 11, 2014

With greater faith comes greater trials (bike accident)

This past week has been the most stressful week of my mission. I know that the more faith Hna Beltran and myself keep exercising the more trials keep coming, and believe me this past week were some of the most hardest trials I've had to deal with in the mission. And as much as I would love to write one by one of all the trials I had to face this week I will try and keep the letter short and leave it on a good note. 

This past week our car broke down so we were put on bikes. We were able to bike to visit C our investigator who is ready to be baptized :] We went over the baptismal questions and everything was good! We set up for her to have her baptismal interview on sunday. As we left her apartment to go to the next appointment we crossed a pretty busy road. My companion Hna B was riding in front of me when a guy in a big car made a turn without looking and ran right into Hna B. It was one of the most scariest moments I've had on the mission. As the car hit my companion Hna B her bike got pulled under his car but she got pushed back and flew a good amount of feet away from the car and landed in her backpack. The ambulance came and took her to the hospital. I had no idea what to do. Something I learned from my dad is laughing is the best medicine. As much as I wanted to freak out at the situation I know I needed to stay calm for Hna B. She laughed when the medic was asking for her first name and I got it wrong. I replied, "Gesh Hna B I've been with you for about 15 week and still cant get your first name right". Though her eyes were holding back many tears she laughed. At the hospital we waited a long time for results, miraculously Hna B walked away with just some pulled ligaments which will take a few weeks to heal but she will get better. G and N were kind enough to pick us up from the hospital at 10:30pm and take us home. The next few days were rough for Hna, from the accident it left her SUPER sore so shes needed help getting up out of bed, sitting down, basically the poor thing can barely move. While all this is going on I took phone calls from numerous people wanted to know how she was doing, then canceling and rescheduling appointments because there was no way we could go out and teach people. 

On sunday my companion had enough strength to go to church. C showed up (thank goodness) and had her baptismal interview and passed :] now we have to wait on the doctors to see if its okay if she can be baptized. C and G will be married this week :]

I look back now at the weeks I was figuring out if I should extend and I'm so grateful God gave me the prompting to extend my Mission and I did. I know that I'm not only here 4 more week to help our investigators be baptized but I'm here to help my companion Hermana B. I love her so much and am really blessed to have her as my companion. The trials we are going through are only making us stronger and more determined to do Gods will. I know Satan is really trying to bring us down so that people wont be baptized but I know god is more powerful that satan, this is gods work and I know he will help us through it. I love you all. Please keep my companion Hermana B in your prayers.   love-Hermana Jaeger

Monday, August 4, 2014

The Family

Haha This is the only animal we were allowed to pet!!

Duck lips with Hna B ~ Hna S
I Love my companion Hermana B.  Fun at the Zoo
I feel impressed to talk about families. I know Satan is really attacking the family unit because in the family is where we gain our most strength, belonging, and love. One thing I really want to stress is for the importance for men to stay worthy of their priesthood! I see that Satan attacks with so much greater force on the men today because they are the ones who have this authority to help the world make and keep covenants with God. Without the priesthood we could not do anything, take the sacrament, go on a mission, make covenants with God such as baptism, ect. Also I see the importance for woman to be virtuous and dress modestly. woman have a great influence on men and when we are woman of righteousness and goodness the men are also the same. 

This week we were able to read the Family Proclamation to a young couple we are teaching.  I understand and see the importance of waiting on the Lords timing in all things and following his counsel. How grateful I am for such a wonderful family. I am grateful for every fathers blessing I've ever received in my life. I am grateful for all the times my mom took me to mutual or any kind of young woman activity. I've noticed that the daily things my parents did for me really did shape me into the person I am today. I love each and every one of my siblings. I've always had a great desire to be a good example for them and even though im not the most perfect example for them, as long as they see that I put God first in my life thats all that matters. i love you all so much and am really grateful for everything you do for me.   love-hna jaeger
Looked up a former investigator and this was the door we were led to! ~ Comp calls me Little Mermaid cause of this skirt

Dress we got for the Baby shower

Frogs ... reminds me of my sis
 Heard a frog in a tunnel!  But hey a guy said we can stop by anytime to teach him!  ~  S & R kids :)