Monday, September 15, 2014


Well this past week has gone by  so very slow haha. As hard as I try I have been so distracted about coming home haha, I am really excited to see you all :] I received a package from mom this past week that had a cd in it. The words to one of the songs really stuck out to me, "Let it go". I read a talk this past week that also used this phrase of "letting it go" or "leaving things alone".One of the apostles of the church shared a story about a man who eventually learned to "let things go"

I believe the story happened in the early 1900's There was a newly couple who were expecting their first child. The night the wife went into labor she started having problems. Her husband tried to contact the local city doctor to have him rush over to help with the birth of the child. The doctor finally arrived at the home, he had just come rushing from helping a sickly person at another home a few blocks away. The doctor seeing that the pregnancy was risking the lives of both the baby and the mother he did the best he could and the beautiful baby was born. A few days later the new mother passed away from an illness the doctor was treating with the person he had previously visited right before he rushed over to help with the pregnancy. The new father was filled with devistation and depression. This father stuggled for many years to get over what had happened. He had many hard feelings against the doctor. A few years after the accident the father was pulled in my the stake president. The stake president knew of his situation and simply told him, "Let it alone. There is nothing you can do to bring her back". The father came to his senses and looked at the situation in the perspective of the doctor, he learned how to forgive him and "let it go". 
so fun when youre crossing the road and a train comes and gets in the way

I've realized in my life that I struggle with EVER letting anything good go! As I come to the close of my mission I yearn to hold on and wanting to stay longer! Just because I am filled with such a beautiful joy as I am in the service of texans here in the hispanic culture. But I know that I have served the Lord with all I have and now is my time to come home. I am filled with so much excitment to finally be able to see you guys again :] its been a long time and I know seeing you all again will be that much sweeter because of how long we have been apart. I lvoe you! see you next week (haha literally I'll totally be able to see you next week :D!!!!!)
YEEEES ill be there soon! - Houston City DownTown

Texas Roads - dog jumped in our car hahaha

fiestas partias :] the kids did a dance for texas  -  Gave some little kids CTR rings to remind them to choose the right!!! 
part of austins bday gift I made to mail to Chile :]  -  Hna P

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