Monday, August 11, 2014

With greater faith comes greater trials (bike accident)

This past week has been the most stressful week of my mission. I know that the more faith Hna Beltran and myself keep exercising the more trials keep coming, and believe me this past week were some of the most hardest trials I've had to deal with in the mission. And as much as I would love to write one by one of all the trials I had to face this week I will try and keep the letter short and leave it on a good note. 

This past week our car broke down so we were put on bikes. We were able to bike to visit C our investigator who is ready to be baptized :] We went over the baptismal questions and everything was good! We set up for her to have her baptismal interview on sunday. As we left her apartment to go to the next appointment we crossed a pretty busy road. My companion Hna B was riding in front of me when a guy in a big car made a turn without looking and ran right into Hna B. It was one of the most scariest moments I've had on the mission. As the car hit my companion Hna B her bike got pulled under his car but she got pushed back and flew a good amount of feet away from the car and landed in her backpack. The ambulance came and took her to the hospital. I had no idea what to do. Something I learned from my dad is laughing is the best medicine. As much as I wanted to freak out at the situation I know I needed to stay calm for Hna B. She laughed when the medic was asking for her first name and I got it wrong. I replied, "Gesh Hna B I've been with you for about 15 week and still cant get your first name right". Though her eyes were holding back many tears she laughed. At the hospital we waited a long time for results, miraculously Hna B walked away with just some pulled ligaments which will take a few weeks to heal but she will get better. G and N were kind enough to pick us up from the hospital at 10:30pm and take us home. The next few days were rough for Hna, from the accident it left her SUPER sore so shes needed help getting up out of bed, sitting down, basically the poor thing can barely move. While all this is going on I took phone calls from numerous people wanted to know how she was doing, then canceling and rescheduling appointments because there was no way we could go out and teach people. 

On sunday my companion had enough strength to go to church. C showed up (thank goodness) and had her baptismal interview and passed :] now we have to wait on the doctors to see if its okay if she can be baptized. C and G will be married this week :]

I look back now at the weeks I was figuring out if I should extend and I'm so grateful God gave me the prompting to extend my Mission and I did. I know that I'm not only here 4 more week to help our investigators be baptized but I'm here to help my companion Hermana B. I love her so much and am really blessed to have her as my companion. The trials we are going through are only making us stronger and more determined to do Gods will. I know Satan is really trying to bring us down so that people wont be baptized but I know god is more powerful that satan, this is gods work and I know he will help us through it. I love you all. Please keep my companion Hermana B in your prayers.   love-Hermana Jaeger

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