Monday, August 4, 2014

The Family

Haha This is the only animal we were allowed to pet!!

Duck lips with Hna B ~ Hna S
I Love my companion Hermana B.  Fun at the Zoo
I feel impressed to talk about families. I know Satan is really attacking the family unit because in the family is where we gain our most strength, belonging, and love. One thing I really want to stress is for the importance for men to stay worthy of their priesthood! I see that Satan attacks with so much greater force on the men today because they are the ones who have this authority to help the world make and keep covenants with God. Without the priesthood we could not do anything, take the sacrament, go on a mission, make covenants with God such as baptism, ect. Also I see the importance for woman to be virtuous and dress modestly. woman have a great influence on men and when we are woman of righteousness and goodness the men are also the same. 

This week we were able to read the Family Proclamation to a young couple we are teaching.  I understand and see the importance of waiting on the Lords timing in all things and following his counsel. How grateful I am for such a wonderful family. I am grateful for every fathers blessing I've ever received in my life. I am grateful for all the times my mom took me to mutual or any kind of young woman activity. I've noticed that the daily things my parents did for me really did shape me into the person I am today. I love each and every one of my siblings. I've always had a great desire to be a good example for them and even though im not the most perfect example for them, as long as they see that I put God first in my life thats all that matters. i love you all so much and am really grateful for everything you do for me.   love-hna jaeger
Looked up a former investigator and this was the door we were led to! ~ Comp calls me Little Mermaid cause of this skirt

Dress we got for the Baby shower

Frogs ... reminds me of my sis
 Heard a frog in a tunnel!  But hey a guy said we can stop by anytime to teach him!  ~  S & R kids :)

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