Monday, July 28, 2014

What are you willing to give up?

The work here is going so well!! The members in this ward are so amazing and they work so hard to help others. Our ward mission leader had a ward FHE at the church on saturday and we had a great turn out! The WML Hno R spoke on gifts we receive from god/christ like attributes. Each person wrote a gift or attribute of christ they felt they had and then they passed the gift to someone in the room who they felt had that gift from god. it was a sweet lesson and at the end we celebrated Hno Rs' birthday. 

Our most progressing investigators right now is C. They are expecting to have a baby girl the end of august. She is ready to be baptized. Please if you could pray and fast this sunday for C that she can get baptized? ;] The relief society is throwing her a baby shower which is so sweet because all her family is down in mexico. 
I wanted to share a quick story, something I learned this sunday about sacrifices. The teacher had us read two stories from the bible, first is the story of the young rich prince found in luke 18:18-24. This young prince is a good guy, he keeps all the commandments and does what is right. With this he askes christ what more does he need to do to enter into the kingdom if God? Christ tells him he must give up all he has and follow him. the young prince then turns and walks away crying sorrowfully because he had many great riches of the world. We then ready a story of the fisherman in matthew 4:18-22. This is when Christ tell the fisherman to forsake all and follow him, so the fisherman drop their nets and leave their father to follow Christ. These fisherman become apostles of Christ, James and John. 

Now I want you to think for a moment. From these two stories do we know the name of the fisherman? Yes, James and John. Do we know the name of rich prince? No...why is that? Because is we do not follow christ we will make nothing of ourselves, in the end. To truly follow Jesus Christ and be his disciples we must "forsake all" or give up all we have to follow his example. Then he will make of us more then we can make of ourselves. So what are you willing to give up to follow Christ's example? Through out my mission, little by little I have given up more and more of myself and I have seen the blessing from it. I have received more happiness in my life because I have been focussed on helping the lives of others. My mission has and is changing me for the better :] I know as we trust in God and follow his sons example we will return home to him with great joy. I love you so much and am so blessed to have such an amazing family! 

love-hermana jaeger

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