Monday, August 18, 2014

I have given you an example

This past week was filled with bitter-sweet moments. I'm not sure why my last few weeks are being so tried but I know something good will come from it. Last Thursday there was a wedding! We hope she will excursize her faith and be baptized. After all the long nightly prayers, fasts, and sacrifices I've done I know that in the end I've done everything I could to help her and I just put all my trust and confidence in God. I know he sees the sacrifices in my companion Hna B and I are going through and I know he will bless us for them. We are planning tonight to help G be baptized next week, she is ready and shes been waiting. I pray things go well.

My companion Hna B is slowly healing. She is such an inspiration to me, she walks up and down and up and down so many flights of stairs and never gives up. It is such an honor to be her companion. She is sacrificing and going through so much to help the people here. Shes been getting crazy leg cramps out of no where, we say the doctor today and he said if it doesn't get better until next week she will need xrays.

With all that is going on for the past two weeks I came across a quote that I can really relate too, " If we are going to be disciples (of Christ), if we are going to say that we are sent by the Lord Jesus Christ, then we had better have some evidence of it. Part of that evidence will be at least a moment in that Garden with those tears, and a step or two in the general direction of Calvary made in anguish and sorrow" -Jeffery R Holland. I am a disciple of Christ, I know I was sent here to this area in H 1 with Hermana B for a very special reason. I know this is His work, I am only an instrument in the Lords hands. I know all that I go through is for Him, and he's felt my pains, burdens, tears, and fears. I know in the Garden of Gethsemane he suffered there and felt all my pains, and he overcame it. And that's what gives me hope, that I will come out of these trials too because He did. I know there is nothing impossible for God, he is all powerful and knows all. Because of this I remember to stay patient. I can only see the little picture of how things will turn out but Heavenly Father has an eternal perspective.

I love all of you and thank you for all the prayers and sacrifices you go through for me and the people in my area. This week is the temple trip for those who are leaving this transfer. I am excited to see all the missionaries I came into the mission, and feel so happy that I have a couple more weeks left in the mission. This is my life and I love every minute of it because I know the "trial of [my] faith is more precious then gold"-bible.

love- Hermana Jaeger

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