Monday, June 16, 2014

Full of Miracles

Happy Fathers Day to my awesome dad! As you can see in the picture below we helped a member pull our carpet and everything to help out in tile. My dad trained me well haha. Also, because there is SO MUCH construction here in Houston we see a lot of tractors. Today we passed one that reminded me of when dad use to take us on the tractors when we were little. How grateful I am to have an amazing priesthood holding father who has always supported me in following my righteous dreams. How blessed i am to be born of amazing parents :]

Fat cat reminds me of puss n boots 
It's over 100  ~  Burnin up in T town
the weather is so hot! oh im starting to send stuff home, so dont get emotional when you start seeing stuff in moves being delivered at the front door haha. I got kind of sad backing up stuff and sending it home but i need to cause i have a lot of stuff! i sent one off today and will send two big boxes home another day next week.

this week was full of miracles. We were able to have lots of members from the ward come and help us out with lessons! We had more dinner appointments then usual, as we went to these appointments the members had actually invited their non member family to join! Investigators that we haven't been able to get a hold of in the past we finally had lessons with! We ar gaining more confidence and trust from the members and by doing so they want to help us and have us teach their family/friends! The way to gain their trust is to love them and serve them. We have many investigators who are so close and ready to be baptized! Pray that our investigators will progress towards baptism. Since I only have 10 weeks left I feel that I need to work harder so they can be baptized before I leave! But its a good rush feeling cause I never feel like I want a break. I want to just keep working haha. I am so happy to be on a mission :] I'm excited for the return home too, its bitter sweet. Have a good week love you!  -  love hna jaeger 
Trip with the Hermanas to the Galleria Mall
 Surprise visit from E & P ~ Driving the Mom Van (missionary van) & a member helping

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