Monday, June 30, 2014

Patience Pays-Off

Me and my Comp Hermana B.  Representing our TEAM!
This week was a pretty normal week, we visited a lot of member. I've come to a conclusion of the different ways members react to trials. The conclusion was that those members who have already been through the temple bear their burdens with more strength in the Lord then those who have not gone to the temple. Our goal for the rest of my time here in H 1 is to get at least a temple picture into every one of our members homes, so they may remember where they should be heading in life.

 A couple of members have been asking me why I decided to lengthen out my mission for a month. I told them its because I have a great desire to help others come unto christ. And its true. I have VERY specific people here in H 1 that I want to help them progress towards baptism before I leave. I know if I have enough faith in God and work to my full potential I will be able to see these miracle baptisms happen. How grateful I am for this time I have to be here. Thank you mom and dad and grandparents for all the sacrifices you go through to help support me here on my mission. It is the best decision I have ever made in my life. 

this past sunday we had stake conference. As I looked and said hello to familiar faces I went up and talked to the M couple, the first of my investigators that got baptized. As I talked to them and reminded hno M that he said hed share his testimony before i left my mission he replied back that he was sharing his testimony that day in sacrament meeting and how nervous he was! Haha it was so incredible hearing his beautiful testimony of how his wife had waited 27 years until he was baptized. He said how MANY missionaries would come and go but hed never want to listen. He expressed his gratitude for the patient sisters who worked with him for so long to help him get baptized and he named off each sister, sister k, m, j, and jaeger. My heart filled with gratitude for the tender mercy I had to be able to listen to hno m testimony and to see how the gospel has changed his life. I know this gospel can change lives, for the better. Now him and his wife are working to be sealed into the temple :]

I know the importance of being patient in life. SOmetimes the lords timing isdifferent from ours, and in these moments we just need to wait and remember that he is waiting with us too. i like the lyrics of an EFY song that explains of how we need not rush things "I dont need to rush or wait for my future, He knows I'm strong enough and he has a plan...for the girl I am"

I know He has a plan for me and each one of you. Trust in him and believe in good things to come :] be patient and faithful until he calls you home.   love- hna jaeger
New hair cut & Making cupcakes with little A  ~  The S Family
Waiting at church

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