Monday, June 23, 2014


This week I received my "trunky papers". Here is a little of what the letter said from president, "I am sure it is with mixed emotions that you are realizing that your release date is just a few months away...I am writing to extend a challenge to you. With all of the experiences, speaking skills, knowledge and faith you have acquired since your mission began, there has never been a time in your mission when you were more qualified and able. You are at the height of your missionary service. Never have you been more capable to have a powerful impact on this sacred work of the Lord...I challenge you to utilize these remaining sacred weeks in the mission field to increase your pace, and acheive a great work in the name of the Lord...These last precious days will never come again...I pray the Lord's greatest blessings to be upon you as you sprint to the end".

I have spent the last few weeks praying to know whether I should extend my mission or not. After countless prayers and trying to find an answer I have come to the conclusion that the Lord trusts me enough to make my own decision. I talked to my mission president about it and he said that I am only obligated to serve until August 26, and the Lord is so incredibly happy with me for serving that long. He said to go to the Lord and ask him if he would be fine with me extending if that is what I would want to do, then finished "us as a mission would love if you extended". As I pondered the next few days about this I realized something. At the beginning of this transfer I asked the Lord why I was in the area. I just wanted to know who needed my help. Since that prayer there have been countless moments and struggles from members and nonmemebrs that have shown me why I am here. I have very specific investigators who are in my area who I know I was sent here to help them be baptized. I feel I must give them all that I have (including all the time I can have to serve here) to help them be baptized and then work towards going to the temple. 

After also talking with the family :] I have come to a conclusion that I want to extend my mission and stay the extra 4 weeks until september 26th. The only reason I am making this decision is because of the people here. Form my investigators, memebers, and less actives. I feel I can really help them even more if I stay until september and not leave in august. I know right now it feels like the 4 weeks will be so long, but thinking in an eternal perspective its only a little moment. And to think how many people I can help bring unto christ in those last 4 weeks. I know this gospel is true. I want to help as many people as I can be apart of this great joy in the gospel! 

I love you. How grateful I am for your support and love. I am so lucky to have such an incredible family. I know he will watch over you until I come home :]  love- hna ashley jaeger

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