Monday, July 29, 2013

Everything's BIGGER in TEXAS!

Doing laundry and felt something in the washer! Took forever to get it off.  The bugs are BIGGER in Texas.
This past week has been pretty good! We've had some hard times but have also seen miracles :] Yesterday we went by to visit a less active named F C. She has a very sweet and big heart. The last time we visit her she said she was cleaning her hosue but that we could home in. I told her we would love to help and her excuse was, "No you both are so pretty I dont want you to get dirty!" Nevertheless, haha, I did as my mother has taught me and right as F let us in the house I picked up a broom and started cleaning. She laughed at me and said, "What are you doing?!" I said, "Haha are you going to be mad at me if I help clean?" She said, "..No. but I dont want you to get dirty". Then I laughed and said, "Its okay I love to help and I need to get dirty, it shows that I worked hard today".

After that day we've had a good relationship with F. Last night we were able to meet her friend J! Funny enough the day we visited them he told us that morning he told F he wants to start going to church, he wants to change. We had a great lesson with them about how families can be together forever and temple sealings. They loved hearing about the gospel and Juan wants to start taking the lessons.

We are also teaching two sisters; B and A. We found them walking around a complex. I said hi to her and she responded, "Hi. You're pretty!" Haha we finally have been able to teach her AND her sister! B gets so excited to see us! She acts like she just received a present haha! A knows A LOT about religion and is so eager to learn more! She accepted a baptismal date for August 24. This week we are going to talk to her parent about everything and see what they say because we cant baptise B without her parents permission.
Thanks for my shirt ~ I love it!
 I is doing better. She still wants to be baptized August 10! We just need to make sure shes ready. We have permission to baptize her in a pool. I'll let you know. :)

This week the Spanish Stake also had a night of talents! It was so fun we went with one of our investigators R. Each ward/branch did a special dance from different parts of the world (like Argentina, Slavador, ect.) I also got to see members from Missiori City which was the ward in my first area!!!! I was so excited. I got to talk to J L . He was so happy to see me and said that Hermana Kennedy and I were a huge part of him coming back to the church and now he's preparing to go serve a mission!!! :) I was so excited to hear that and am amazed to see that by just sharing my testimony with him and allowing the spirit to touch his heart he is now going to serve a mission.

Those are the biggest high lights of the week. I'm so grateful for this gospel. I know its true. I know that we need difficult and hard times so that we can enjoy the good ones. I know we are blessed automatically when we keep all the commanments of God. Everyone can be a missionary, you dont need a nametag. Just open your mouths and share the gospel. Its surprising how many people you will actually effect. I love being a member of this church, its what gives me so much happiness. And I want everyone else to experience this happiness as well. I love you and hope you have a great week!

Love-Hermana Ashley Jaeger

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