Monday, July 22, 2013

Week of Miracles

Hello to all my loves!
In the MTC my teacher told us something I will never forget. He said, "On my mission when we had a hard day we would call it 'the day before miracle day' because the day after we had a rough day we would see many miracles!" I have seen this happen repetidly while on my mission. Last week was defiently 'the week before miracle week'. I am grateful the Lord has felt like we were ready to receive miracles these past few days.
My Companion Hermana O and I
We have been stopping by "I"'s house every other day because she is very sick. We have been praying to know what to do with her because she wants to be baptized. Our last lesson we invited her to be baptized on August 10 (yes Kelseys birthday:]). She wasn't to sure about it but decided she would pray about is while we were there. As we knelt in prayer and she prayed in her wheelchair the spirit's presence was so strong. "I" gave a beautiful prayer and started to cry. After her heartfelt prayer she said she felt good and she wanted to prepare to be baptized on August 10 but wants to be feeling well on that day and to be able to stand. I've never seen her stand yet. But my companion and I are praying and fasting that on the day of her baptism she can stand.

We also were able to teach a man we talked to two weeks ago but havent been able to see him. He is AWESOME and has kids and a beautiful wife. We taught about the Book of Mormon and the Restoration and he liked it. He's excited to read the book of mormon and told us when we come back we better be prepared to answer his questions haha. We are excited to teach him more!

We met with a woman named I. She is excited to take the lessons and we invited her son S to go to our night of activities with the branch. We found out he liked soccer which was perfect because for this weeks activity we are playing soccer! S is excited and is going to go to the activity.

The members in the branch helpus out so much I am so grateful for them! One member Carlos Torres actually came out and BIKED with us haha it was great! How thankful I am for such helpful members in the branch. They show so much love. I know the best way to find new investigators is through the members.
It says Temecula!  That's my home :)
We go over 3 times a week to a recent converts home named P! He is older and is adorable!!! The other day we saw him at the gas stattion and we asked what he was doing. He said he wanted to go for a walk...and he lives over a mile away from the gas station haha! He went and bought my comp and I a soda :] we love visiting him because he is so funny! The other day he let us ride in his wheel chair HAHAHAHA it was so fast! He was laughing so much. We are helping him prepare to go to the temple in 4 months :] He has a picture of me as his screen saver on his phone HAHA!

Okay here is the BIGGEST miracle of the week! The other day we had to pull over and call a member. As we were on the side of the road a truck pulls up by us and the man mumbles something that sounded like, "Do you need help" We smiled and said hi and he pulled over to talk to us. We walked to his car and realized he was a deaf man. He got out a notepad he had and started writing to us explaining that he could not hear. We introduced ourselves and asked him about this life. His name is V. At age 8 he got Maleria or something and it caused him to go deaf. His mother and father have passed away.  He told us he has been sad. We told him we would invite the sign langauge missionaries to go over and teach him and he was so excited! We actually ended up "talking" to him for over an hour!!! We laughed a lot too he really enjoyed our company. We scheduled an appointment for 7pm on friday. V told us he would wait by the window until he saw the missionaries becuase there was no other way he would know someone was at the door.
My Trainee
A few days later we were on that same streeet and we saw a lady in her garage. Even though we were heading to an appointment we felt we should stop and talk to her. Her name is N and she is a devoted Christian! She is english AND spanish speaking! the more we talked to her the more things we had in common such as great faith in god, tithing, ect. She invited us into her house and started feeding us quesadillas haha! Shes in her 60s and had lost her husband and some of her children. We were able to share about our religion and she loved it! She told us what beautiful woman we were to be preaching about God to the world! As we got her information I noticed she lived on the same street as the guy V lived on! I asked if she new him and she did! She told him he needed God in his life and that would make him happy. She was excited to know we had talked to him about god! all of a sudden the sign langauge (ASL) missionaries texted us and told us they couldnt visit our other friend V that day. We asked N if we could go to V's house real quick and let him know that they werent coming. She said of course and said to invite him over to her house! As we walked up to V's house we saw him sitting by the window. He hurry and got up from his chair and opened the door for us! We told him if he could go to N's house so we could teach him. He was so excited and happy he grabbed him notepad and hurried and locked up his house!

N was so excited to see V. She loved that he was laughing and kept telling him it was a blessing he could meet the missionaries. We explained a little about our church and invited them to church the next day at 9am. They said he'd maybe come and was confused by the directions. It was a miracle we could meet N and that she knew V and we could teach both of them at the same time!

Silly Companions
Sunday came and we tried our best to get people to church but it didnt seem like we had anyone coming. As we waiting in the foyer during the opening prayer my companion goes, "Oh wow I think I just saw V pull up!" We walked outside and sure enough there was V!!! Book of Mormon and salvation pamphlet in one hand and wearing a huge smile on his face! We had him sit by us and we translated what the speakers where saying on paper so he could understand. It's a miracle the lord helped me translate in my brain from spanish to english and write it down on paper really quick for him to read! And amazing enough sacrament meeting was on the plan of salvation!!! The members were very welcoming to V. V stayed 2 hours and then had to go. We walked outside and expressed our thankfullness for him attending church and that we were happy to see him. He was very happy and was excited to learn more with the ASL missionaries on Saturday.

I know the Lord had us stop on that road at that specific time on that specific day for a reason. We needed to meet V. And even though other missionaries will now be teaching him we set a good foundation for him and we all became life long friends. At that moment I was reminded of the scripture Ether 12:27 "And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weaknesses. I give unto men weaknesses that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselvs before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them". I love being a servant of God. I love being a missioanry. How grateful I am to have this gospel in my life. 

Yo se que este iglesia es la iglesia de dios. Estoy es muy agradesida por my slavador jesucristo. Me encanta ser una missionara. Yo se es muy importante tener fe en jesucristo y actuar en nuestros fe. Con Dios todo es posible!
love with all my heart- Hermana Ashley Jaeger

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