Monday, July 1, 2013

Surprise... your a TRAINER! & "Oh, I Like Ya'll"

Me & my comp Hermana K. I'm going to miss her!
So last wednesday night we get a call from the assistants to the president. They tell ys Hermana K will be training a new missionary. We got a little sad but figured either one of us would leave or we both would stay and have a 3rd companion. There was training meeting the next day on thursday but told us we didnt need to go because hermana K had been to it a bunch of times, so we skipped it. Hermana K was telling me sometimes the assistance forget to call people and tell them they are trainign or transfering so when they day of transfers come and the missionary isnt there becuase they didnt know the pres tells the assistance to call that missioanry and inform him what is going on ASAP haha. I though how anxious that would be to not receive a call that you were leaving an area or training. The whole week it was so distracting to think what would happen!!! 

I prayed the Lord would allow me to speak a lot of spanish and have me be in an area where the people really needed my help. On Sunday the missionj had a big Sing A long 4 of July party with the town. We might be in the church news!! Anyway, I saw a lot of the girls who I came out with on the mission at the choir. It was fun seeing them. 

Last night I reread over my Patriarchal Blessing. As I read it my eyes filled with tears. I always rememeber one part that said I would be a teacher and leader in the lords kingdom.  I felt peace and comfort knowing that one day I would be a leader, not because I want to be the center of attention or want praise but I want to show that I am capable of doing hard things. Before bed I was also reading in the Ensign for this month which talks about the Lord giving people callings in the church. The talk explained that all callings are equally important whether you are a bishop or an usher at the door they all can help give service to someone else. That made me think that whatever I am called to, another junior companion that its just as importnat as being a trainer or anything higher then that. There was a quote in there tht I loved by Pres Monson, "When we are on the Lords errand we are entitled to the Lords help. Remember that whom the Lord calls, the Lord qualifies".

Today we waited anxiously to get the call. You know that feeling you have on a roller coaster when you are at the top and just about to drop?!! Thats the feeling I had all morning!!! The Elders finally called and told us what was happening. Elder Birks says, "What do you think is going to happen?" We both replied "We dont know!!!" He laughed then said, "Okay heres the list of missionaries leaving their areas; Elder ....., Elder ....., Hermana...., Hermana Jaeger..." My comp and I both looked at each other and went "Aww man" Haha then I started thinking of all the things I needed to start packing. Then Elder Birks started listing off the missioanries who were training, "Elder.......,Elder.........., Hermana K, Hermana Jaeger.." Both my comp and I were shocked!!! We told him, "Umm no one told us Hermana Jaeger was triaing?" Then elder birks surprised, "Surprise!" I'm not sure if either the assistance forgot to tell me or President changed his mind last minute and felt I should train and open an area but whatever the case I know it was called of God for me to go to a new area and train.

This past week we got to take E... a 14 year old girl out on a minin mission to be with us for the day. It was so fun and she did so well! The first lady we talked to was was having a garage sale. My comp talked the whole time because I didnt know what to say. As we walked away from the lady who wasnt really interested i couldnt help but feel bad for not talking more then I could have. I let my fear get the best of me. As we walked to another house my comp asked for emily and I to talk to this next lady on our own. So we went to the next home and knocked the door. I heard feet hurrying to open the door and my heart started pounding, you'd think I'de be use to knocking door after 12 weeks but I'm not haha! Anyway the lady opened her door and I just started speaking. It felt funny because there was a gate she was talking through and I couldn't see anything so it felt like I was talking to a door. Maybe thats why it was easy haha! Anyway they lady was nice and started speaking english because she liked english better. When she heard we were mormons she said, "Oh I like y'all. I voted for Mitt Romney!" Haha we laughed and just asked her questions for us to get to know her more. she was so kind and open to talking to us. We had the chance to shaer a quick message outside with her, give her a little map we mde of the church, and started on our way. Just as we were about to leave I built up the courage to ask her if we could leave with a prayer and she said yes. That day with the help of emily a member we had 3 lessons, 3 member presents, and I believe 3 referrals and visited a less active! It was such a successful day and it was fun having emily come out with us and participate in missionary work. At the end of the day we asked what she thought and she replied, "i didnt know it was this hard haha. I hope I go somewhere cold like Canada". Haha

We are still teaching E and her family. We told her how important it is to attend church because its a commandment. And by going to church we partake of the sacrament helping us to rememebr Christ and be clean. We also mentioned how many blessings the Lord has instore for them if they do go to church.

We taught M and N O. about Lehis dream and the importance of following the word of God. The girls are so sweet. M has applied to 7 different jobs in hopes of getting one that gives her the weekends of so she can attend church! Shes praying for help that she can receive a new job that allows ehr to go to church. M knows without a doubt the church is true. Its fun teaching N because she is 9 and loves reading in the picture Book of Mormons!

This week we taught both R and her husband C. We expressed the need for them to go to church together as a family. At the end of the lesson we sang Yo Se Que Vive Mi Senor ( I know that my redeemer lives) The spirit was so strong and both R and could feel the spirit and got teary eyed. We havent been able to see R a lot this past week but next time we do we are going to extent a baptismal date to her.

The highlight of this week was teaching the HUGE Los T family! this is a family that consists of 3 sisters who all live on the same street! We got to teach them PLUS their friends about the Plan of slavation. It was a powerful lesson because one of the sisters P husband passed away a month a ago. We also were able to teach her 11 year old daughter the Plan of slavation and she liked it. This family is opening up so much to us! The other day we stopped by they told us to join in on volleyball haha! It was a challenge to play in a skirt thats for sure.

Wonderful D Family
We love E and her family
M...!!  :)
Its amazing to see all these miracles happen after we went and visited the temple. Missouri City is such a great area and I will miss the members and investigators there. But I'm excited for the next area the Lord is sending me to. All my trust and confidence is in the Lord because I know for a fact I cannot do this work without his help and guidance in my life. How grateful I am that the challenge I have at this point in my life is to speak spanish because it makes me rely so much on the Lord and on teaching by the Spirit.
Love the R family!
Sweet V and little boy
The M Family .. trying not to cry!
M.... :)
I will get more pics :)
i love you all so much! Hope you are well :]
Love Hermana Ashley Jaeger

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