Monday, July 15, 2013

Another week in Paradise! "Your not hard to notice"

Good morning!!
Loving every minute
Good to hear you all are doing so well! Thank you for the package I got last week my favorite part was the pictures, especially of Austin when he was drugged up from getting his wisdom teeth out!  HAHA poor guy. I love that he wanted to play the piano. I was listening to a song the other day and thought of Aus, I miss him playing. And I miss Garretts big hugs. And Blakes desire to go out with me to places like the pool. Everyday I am remined how lucky I am to have such incredible parents. Oh and I loved the pictures of Kelsey!!! I miss her so much.

My week has been pretty good. The members here are wonderful and they come out with us everyday!! Even though we are on bikes they follow behind us in a car haha! And they ALWAYS bring us food. Biking is getting a little easier but last night I made us go home early because the lightening was crazy! The lightening was so close and we had no car for protection. Sometimes its best to follow how you feel.  

I'm learning a lot with being a senior companion. My comp is a hard worker. I know its my burden to bear right now and I have faith in God that someday I'll get the language. Everyday I see how my patience is tested.  Our apartment is always falling apart haha. For showers its either boiling hot or freezing cold. And our sink desposal is not working.  The office said they will fix it today.
We see miracles everyday. The other day we stopped by a house the elders told us to visit,it was the house of a member who just moved to the area. She had afriend there at the house that was not a member named A. We were able to teach her a brief lesson and when we asked for her information she told us just to teach her at the members house every saturday. Then on Sunday in the morning we called and texted EVERYONE we knew and invited them to church and asked if they needed a ride. As we got to church we had a feeling we would have no one. Then in comes the new member with A AND As daughter D!!! That was probably the biggest miracle we saw that week. I prayed so hard that we could have an investigator be at church and the Lord made it possible.
Oh haha the other night we had members out and we taught our investigator F the 10 commandments. It was good but we did stay pretty long during the lesson.
Another ouch from the bike
This week was a hard one for me but I just keep my thoughts focussed on the miracles the Lord provides daily. I make an effort to talk to EVERYONE I make eye contact with and say hi too. And even though some people dont want to talk I know I left a little impact upon them. Some drunk guy told my companion and I, "Yeah you guys stand out, your not hard to notice. Its easy to spot the mormons." Haha but I took that as a complement because I LOVE that people know who I am and what I represent just by my apperance. I know the struggles and challenges I go though are just going to make me stronger. I know I am dealing with all this for a reason and I love what it says in 3 nephi 12:11-12 "And blessed are ye when men shall revile you and persicute and shall say all manner of evil against you falsley, for my sake; for ye shall have great joy and be exceedingly glad, for great shall be your reward in heaven; for so persecuted they the prophets who were before you".
I love you all so much!

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