Monday, August 5, 2013

Week of Unexpected Surprises

Good morning!  So sorry I dont have tons of time to email today but I'll try and give you the low down on all the crazy things that happened this week.

1. i love the picture calendar you sent me!!! its so cute!

2. my comps wheel to her tire went flat. took forever to get it fixed and for a few days she had to borrow the elders bike

3. my seat to my bike got super lose which stunk and i had to bike slow for a few hours because i was afraid i was going to break it ahha

4. library will be closed for 2 months so we have to email at the church. we have to be here for 3 hours til the other sisters finish up so we basically are living her at the church lol

5. during a prayer i was giving outside i got bite by something. the bite/sting hurt SOOOOO BAD but afterward i was fine. the next day i noticed my ankle was a little swollen but nothing else. later that night i started having pain in my ankle and it felt warm. the nurse in the mission told me to take benadryl and ice it. the next morning i woke up with a huge swollen foot/ankle and couldnt even touch my foot to the ground without having  pain shooting up my leg. The nurse told me i was lucky and there would be a doctor at the office today that could check my leg and see if i just need to ice it more or go to the ER for a shot. The doctor said it didnt look infected and he believes i had an allergic reaction to whatever bit me. he told me to take benadryl, ice and elevate it and see how i felt at night. the benadryl knocked me pretty well by that evening i felt no pain and even though my ankle was still super swollen.  Out of all the meds mom gave me I have no Benedryl haha!  I insisted we still go out on our bikes and visit investigators!

** It was a blessing we went out that night because we were able to talk to two of our new investigators who happened to go to church the next day!!!!! our other amazing investigator  R rode his bike to church!!! and the deaf guy i was telling you about the other week came to church too!!! Haha we had our branch packed with our investigators. R accepted a baptismal date! He said this is the only church hes had a desire to follow and the only thing that would keep him from being baptized is if he had work that day lol! I is really sick and not ready to be baptized this week :[ but we are stopping by a lot to see how shes doing.
Sorry this email is short! Our area is doing well and we are seeing a lot of miracles! The members tell us we are their favorites :] they always buy us food haha shhh we dont tell the other missionaries. i love you and hope you have a good week!
Love-Hermana Ashley Jaeger

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