Monday, August 19, 2013

Storm Season

We thought the storm would pass... nope
This week we had such a crazy storm!!! The weather here is so weird! Its been so hot and sunny. then after dinner the other day we walked outside and the sky was crazy gray. we knew a strom was coming but just thought its pass. as we were biking to our appartment to get something the wind got soooo strong haha we couldnt bike so we got off and started pushing our bikes along the side of the road (rememebr in my area theres no sidewalks haha). some car pulled infront of us and stopped. it was a lady with a 6 month old baby in the car. she asked us if she could take us home. we told her we were only 2 minutes away from our house and she said, "please i want to take you home! if my kids were in your position i would hope someone would take them home too". as we started putting our bikes in her car lighting cracked 20 feet away from us no joke!!! it was so loud and crazy! we got in the car real quick, her poor baby was crying :[ as she took us home we quickly got to know shes a baptist and has a big family.  shes so sweet and she accepted for us to leave her a church cad with our number on it. as we walked away the lady said, now you all be careful!! i know you go around knocking doors" haha,. as we got in the appartment the assistance told everyone to stay in side for the next 1 1/2 hour until the storm passed. as we waited we got a call. it was the same lady saying we left a helmet in her car haha! she said she could drive it right over. i struggled to think what we could give her a s athank you.  for some reason a book of mormon popped into my head. SO I grabbed one, wrote a quick thought in the front, and as we meet with her i said, "i know this is random but if you ever want to know more about yout purpose here on earth, read this book" she smiled and tookt he book. I'm not sure if she'll ever read it or ever join the church but one thing I do know is that on that stormy day a tiiiny little seed was planted into her heart.
Pday with the Hermanas
This past week we have been praying fervently for R. we prayed that hed have the opportunity to go to church this past sunday because mission rule is investigators need to go to church twice before they are baptized. we even did a fast for him saturday that hed have the chance to go to church. We meet with R saturday night at the church. then after the lesson we asked if he is going to church on sunday. he said he couldnt because he had work. my heart sunk so low and my comp and i just looked at each other. we explained he needed to go twice before his baptism. he said he just wanted to learn more before being baptized. we finished the lesson real quick and left. for the next 25 minutes ebfore we could head home i just cried. i felt i did all i can as a missionary to have R go to church and he wasnt able going. this moment was probably one of the hardest moments ive had on the mission. because R is ready!! he knows its true and its sad that work is going to keep him from baptism. sunday night we actually ran into R and taught about the mercy of god and how we need the atonment or else we cannot be saved. it was a powerful lesson and he said hed make a rgeater effort to goto church this time.

I lost one of my name tags and was really sad.  I prayed and prayed that I would find it.  One day I went out and somehow it was clipped onto my bike helmet :).  I was so happy!

My lost name tag appeared!

today i read a talk by deiter f utchdorf titled your ownderful journey home. its amazing that as i read the words of prophets and apostles i find exactly what i need to hear, "it is not your responsibility to convert anyone. that is the work of the holy ghost. your task is to share your beliefs and to not be afraid". i quickly realized after entering the mission field that this work was going to be hard. i believe christ understood the same about his mission here on earth. but i know with all my heart that as we endure well our trials in the end it will all be worth it. just hang in there! And as trials come upon you remember the sweet words christ spoke "do not fear, for i the lord am with you".
love-hermana ashley jaeger

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