Monday, August 12, 2013

We bike at 8am to get people up for church! :)

good morning everyone! This week has been good! A lot of our investigators are showing interest in learning more. We are trying to prepare all of them to be baptized :] 
We love P...
The other day I was on my bike and I decided to start praying to myself. I was praying to know why I was sent to Brazos area and who I was suppost to talk to that day. i asked my Heavenly Father to open my ears so I may understand others.I asked him to guide me to those who are ready to hear the gospel. Every person we went to contact opened their doors and let us in! I was able to understand them and get to know them. God has shown theres a purpose and a reason to why I am serving where I am serving and why I am serving my mission at this time in my life. I know Heavely Father listens to ALL of our prayers and if we have anough faith in him and trust in him with all our hearts he will answer our prayers.
This is P... he was baptized 8 months ago! Hes 78 and is a fireball HAHA! We go over and teach to help prepare him to go to the temple. The other day he was talking and all of a sudden just stood right up and walked away. Then my companion goes, "Uhh SIster Jaeger P... is on your bike!" Haha I turned around to see Panchito struggling down the driveway on my bike! It was so funny he loves to joke around. Hes the member who has a picture of me as his phone screen saver haha!

We've been able to meet A LOT of new people who we are planning on teachinng this week! Its so true, the Lord does put people in your path who are prepared to hear about the gospel. i wish I had time to share about all the investigators we are teaching haha but I guess I will just focus on the ones that are progressing.

R is wonderful we took him to a devotional last night and he loved it! He has a desire to learn more and be baptized. We've had some powerful lessons with R, we taught him in the church and the spirit was so strong!

Sweet I is doing better. shes preparing to be baptized the end of september. Shes so sweet and I care a lot for her, i think my nurse instincts kick in when I arrive at her home haha. P brought her over a new wheel chair and she was so excited!!!

We were able to teach I who has just recently had a baby! As we were teaching her her 2 sons came in and one of their friends!!!! We were able to teach them and set up an appointment for next time, I loved that we were teaching her children :]

So this is what we eat on a normal day!  This is called a Papusa and we made bomb spanish rice.

Sunday morning we biked at 8am to get people up for church! Hermana ONeill and I are getting very bold with people but in a loving way haha. We knocked on our other investigators door and a roommate said they were sleeping :[ but the roommate wanted us to go over later that day and teach him!

Our area is doing well. I thank the lord everyday for the miracles he gives us in our area. I know my purpose here, to invite other to come unto christ. And how important it is to call people to repentance!!! Sorry this letter is short but know that I am doing well and my area and investigators are well :] Ilove you and hope you have a good week!

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