Monday, March 3, 2014

Long week

First off thank you my sweet brother Elder Jaeger for sending me a letter :]  i got lots of laughs and a few tears from it :]i wrote you back and will try and send it soon. sorry my letter is short-this is what i sent to my mission pres so thought itd be okay to send to you all too :] i love you and hope you have a good week!
Flat tire... not on the bike this time
We had a REALLY hard week. We tried our hardest to have member present lessons this past week, at least 13 of our set lessons (at least half being with members/part member families) cancelled right before or after the lesson was set. This week I did realize how grateful I am to have an amazing companion though. We could have EASILY just lost our faith and not work as hard, but we tired really hard and kept the faith :] We were blessed to have lessons with J and G.

J was a man OYMed on the bus and ever since his accident where he almost lost his life he has been wanting to live his life to the fullest. He sees his life as a blessing from God, he sees it a miracle that he is still living after being punctured in the heart with a knife a few weeks ago. Because of his accident he decided to take better care of his body. He has come to church 3 times know and loves it, we are planning on having him come to the Devotional on Sunday. J has an amazing testimony and so much faith in God. He wants to do the right thing. 

G and her husband actually take J to church on sundays. This past week we got to visit with her 3 times. She has been going to church for about a year now and I ever since I've met her shes been SUPER ready to be baptized and make this step. We asked how she felt she says see is 100% she is getting baptized :] we invited her to pray and fast with us to know if God wants her to be baptized march 9 or 16 because she is ready. For some reason she just wants more time until she is baptized. But she said she would pray and fast this past sunday to know! After that she started asking AMAZING questions about the temple like when she can start taking the temple prep classes to prepare to receive her endowments and get sealed to her husband! She told us we need to come back for the sealing :] 
Downtown Houston
It's a little scary at night
I loved studying the Atonement this week. I like in alma in verse 16 how it talks about that he who exercises faith unto repentance receives mercy which satisfies justice and he who does not repent is exposed to justice and has to pay the consequences. Its interesting to see how important it is that we ACT on our faith!!!! Christ already went through the pains and consequences for us, so why would we not use the atonement in our lives? If we dont repent then christ suffered for us for nothing because in the end we would have to suffer for our own sins which christ already paid for if we do not repent (d&c 19). I realize the importance of NOT procrastinating the day of your repentance. While reading in Jacob 5 and going through the footnotes I see how important it is to repent daily and always live a righteous life, because we don't exactly when the Savior will come. We dont need to be preoccupied with guessing WHEN he will come but more we need to be prepared DAILY for when he does come :] and we will be ready. And we will come boldly to the thrown of grace. 

I have a great desire to help ALL come into this gospel, to receive the blessings that god has for them.

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