Monday, March 17, 2014

*For my brother Elder Aus & week of Miracles

Saint Patricks Day
This week has been full of miracles!! I want to share one story with you but for some reason I got the prompting today (a REALLY strong prompting) to focus this email to my brother Austin. I'm not really sure what you are suppost to hear from me austin but know that I'm going to try real hard to be lead by the spirit right know to know what the Lord is trying to tell you :]

Missioanry work is hard. For the fam at home ask Kels about it haha. This work was not meant to be easy., look at the life of Christ. his whole life he was doing his fathers will even though many hated him for it. They beat him and spit upon him and crucified him. And even then when he was on the cross, he loved them and forgave them "father, forgive them for they know not what they do". Even after christs death we understand that he was working in the spirit world organizing the work to being more souls unto him! He never stops doing this work. We are far from being like the savior, but we as members are asked to do the same work as our savior, to preach his gospel. when we were baptized we "took upon us the name of christ" meaning we promised to do as the savior did. Austin, I know you are working SO hard in your mission!!! To the point where your legs are starting to give out on you haha. And for this you heavenly father is extremely proudof you  and grateful for your service. Can you picture yourself at the end of your mission? I hope you picture a tall tan man with worn out shoes and soul but still with a smile on his face :] this is the most important work we can be doing. I know even after my mission and when the name tag is ripped away from me (haha cause i never wanna get released) i will still be doing missioanry work. ive come to realize HOW IMPORTANT it is to proclaim this gospel to EVERYONE because without baptism they will not be saved. This week I want to ask all of you (ecpesially austin) to read 3 nephi 11. I want you to see what is the FIRST principle christ teaches the people when he visits the nephites. That chapter in the book of mormon changed my whole outlook on   missionary work. I love you all. And austin, even if you cant see the fruits of your labors yet, i promise you....they will come. in the lords timing. 

This week our main focus was getting J baptized. Starting out the week J explained to us he was not ready to be baptized, he felt he needed more time. He said he wanted to know more before being baptized. During one of my personal studies I prayed so fervently that heavenly father would help me feel how J was feeling, and that I may find scriptures that could help J really understand the importance of baptism and that he was ready. As I was reading I came across 3 nephi 11: 29-30 "... and I and the father I r commandeth all men, everywhere, to repent and believe in me. and whoso believeth in me and is baptized the same shall be saved; and they are they who shall inherit the kingdom of god. and who so beliveth not in me and is not baptized shall be damned" (versus 32-34). At first I felt this message was a little TOO strong and bold to share. Then I realized that these are the words of our Savior. He is lovingly bold. I can picture him crying out to each of his brotheren and proclaiming that that they need to be baptized or else they will not be saved. 

We read this scritpure and explained that these are the words of his loving savior PLEADING for us to follow him, repent, and be baptized. This message touched J's heart, he prayed right there to know if he should be baptized and after the prayer said he felt at peace. We explained that this was the spirit testifying to him that he is ready to be baptized on sunday. Hna W and I did EVERYTHING we could to help J prepare for his baptism. 

How grateful i am for this gospel in my life. I LOVE MY FAMILY! how happy i am to have them for eternity because honestly 1 1/2 years is way too long to be away from y'all haha. I lvoe you all and pray for you always (especially you Kels ;]). Thank you for supporting me and loving me when im far away.

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