Monday, January 6, 2014

Christ's Been There Before~ Trials...

My bestie Hermana S!!!
This week was a definetly trying my faith. I've had crazy bad bike problems that have been stressing me out. This past week a sweet member in the branch replaced my brakes. The day I got my bike back I got a flat tire as we were biking to a lesson! I was so sad, the investigators was nice and we rescheduled our lesson with him. We went to walmart and got a new tire. Then two days later I got another flat tire on the same street I had biked on the other day. This time we just patched up the hole in the tire but it was so stressful :/ then I tried to fix a part on my brakes and I made them waaay to tight and I struggled biking haha. I was so slow its like if you were trying to bike and there was a sock stuck in the wheel that was slowing you down. Plus the super crazy wind wasn't in my favor haha. As we biked long distances to a lesson and the investigators werent home or didnt have time for us I kept thinking to myself, "Wow, I wish they could realize the sacrifice I've made for them. They have no clue". As soon as I thought about that the Savior and his atonment came to my mind. I felt peace and comfort knowing that Christ has been there before, he knows exactly how it feels when you've sacrificed your all and more and people wont let you in. But still you love them. And you wont give up on them because you know how much this gospel can bless their life. I want to share the gospel with everyone, not because its my calling. But because there are too many people in the world who have no idea how much their Savior has done for them! They have no idea how much he sacrificed for them. In Luke 22 it talks about when Christ was praying in the Garden of Gethsemani. As he felt the pains and sufferings and sins of EVERYONE instead of giving up, he prayed more ernestly that he could complete his Fathers will. That he could complete the Atonemnt. This is not my mission. It is the Lords mission and I will keep going until I complete HIS will. I know it wont be easy. I know I will struggle. But I also know that I wont be alone. That is work is for the one who has felt my pains and bared them with love. To him I will give my all, and never hold back.

With our investigators this week it was both good and bad.  All this past week we talked to K about baptism and watched a video of when christ was baptized. We also shared a scripture in John about how we need to be baptized to enter into the kingdom of heaven. She said she would pray and talk to her mom about being bap[tized. We finally got to talk to K's mom, she is totally against K being baptized. After I heard those word my eyes filled with tears of sorrow. I couldn't hold my emotions in. I could barely speak but when I did I expressed how much all the members in the church really do love K. That she is a beautiful daughter of God and became such a good girl because of her mother. It makes me sad to see that she cannot be baptized right now. This Sunday she came to church again, for the 8th time haha. She bore her testimony! At first she got the the pulpit and stood their with fear. I was so nervous for her but knew I needed to let her build up courgae on her own to speak. Then, she spoke. She shared her favorite scripture which was the one we shareed with her in John about baptism. The spirit touched my heart as she finished her testimony. I know that even though K cannot be baptized now, someday she will be. She will always remember going to church and they way it made her feel. I know I have a special place in her heart as does she in mine. We are still going to be teaching her in hopes that when the day comes she can chose for herself to be baptized. K's brother also came to church.

J is a new investigator who is a "golden investigator" meaning that he is 100% for sure going to be baptized! He is so ready. He is doing all he can to preapre for baptism for the 25th of this month. He doesnt know a lot about religion but wants a change in his life and he knows that being a member of the church will change his life for the better. Our first lesson with him he said he couldnt come to church on sunday cause he had work, he felt so bad! He told us he really wanted to come but couldn't. The next time we saw him he said he talked to his boss and the boss allowed him to start work later so he could come to the first hour of church!!! I thought that was so awesome! We didnt even need to tell him to talk to his boss he just went and did it! He even gave us the info of his mother so we can send the missionaries over to her house :D

We have also been helping less actives come back to church and so far we've gotten two back! One we met this past week her name is R. Haha shes older but really funny. She has a quiet voice. She told us she was going to a different church. Then she shares, "During church I'll get up on the piew and start dancing! The pastor told me ,'R in church you cant stand up and start dancing in front of all the people' and so I responded 'Pastor..I'm not dancin for the people, I'm dancin for Jesus" HAHAHAHA I tried so hard not to laugh but it was just so funny to picture an older sweet lady at church dancing during the services. R actually came to church on sunday! No worries though there were no special dancing solos haha.

I love Brazos bike. I've grown really close to all the people in my area. Someone mentioned the otherday how long I've been her in B branch! I told them its been over 6 months and the member responded, "Good! I dont want them taking you to a different area". I said if I ever left I'de ask to be transfered to Hawaii haha. Thank you again for all you do. I really do have such an amazing family! I was so happy to see a package from mom today that had meds which I told her about 7 days ago haha I was shocked how fast the package came and that you even sent me something mom! I lvoe you all soo much and pray for you always :] I am doing really well! Weird to think next month I hit my year mark. My mission is going by to fast and it making me nervous! The amount of time I've spent here in Brazos is the amount of time I have left utnil I come home...I love you all so very much.

favorite scripture 2 corinthians 12:9-10 "For my strength is made perfect in weakness...I take pleasure in..persecutions in distress for christ's sake, for when i am weak then i am strong"

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