Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Finally P-Day! Elder Russel M Nelson, my sis, temple

I cannot explain how much I needed this P-Day hahaha. So We had stake conference this weekend and Elder Russel M Nelson from the 12 came here and spoke to us!!! Oh my gosh it was the coolest experience ever! Sunday morning he was the last speaker and at one point he asked all the little primary kids to stand up and wave their arms to him! Our little investigator K came and she counts her self as a primary kid :] our mission presidents little 8 year old daughter sat by us and we had to help interprate the talks into English for her. Anyway, as the primary kids stood up he asked them to sing Soy Un Hijo De Dios. Their little voices were so soft and sweet, just like the spirit. I cried. At the end Elder Nelson, who is 89, took both his hands, kissed them, and waved them to all the children :] He stood at the door for like 2 hours afterward to shake everyones hand :]
Me and my sister!
oh no I only have 8 minutes left cause ive been emailing mom and kels HAHAHA ill send a written letter home but know im doing a lot better. it was hard to hear about kels going home but I am relieved to know she is honorably released from her mission and is safe at home :] I went to the temple today and prayed so much for my sister. Kels and mom I also put your names in the temple.

Houston Texas Temple trip
Kels I know God loves you. My mission presidents wife receved some revelation for you that I want to share :] God doesnt go by measurments. Like in school we see how we are doing by our grades which tell us how we are doing and where we need to improve. But God doesn't measure like that. He loves you because your his precious daughter. He is EXTREMELY happy to see that you served with all your heart :] He knows your heart and he knows your sacrifices. He is so proud of you for serving more than other teenagers would! God wants to teach us what we are ready to learn. He realizes your sacrifice and is so grateful for the missionary you were and the person you have become.. I am so proud of you my sweet sister Kelsey. I cannot put into words what an inspiration you are to me. You are my best friend and I will do everything and anything to protect you and to make you happy. As I entered the temple today my mind flooded back with a moment when we served together in the temple :] I got emotional. I didn't want to take of the temple clothes because I felt like I was at home. So after the session, in the locker room I sat in my white dress and said a prayer that I will have the strength once I put my street clothes back on to do the lords will and that I can feel okay for the next 7 months. And you know what, I feel okay :] I know God will help me. I know he will watch over you Kels and I am just so happy you are back safe in loving arms. :] Take care, my heart is always with you all. P.S. Kels every time I put on my nametag I still think of you, my other Hermana jaeger (my sister)

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