Monday, January 20, 2014

Another week in Brazos

Sheri Dew is coming to our mission this week for sister conference.  Guess who president picked to go pick her up from the companion and I hahahahha im so nervous!

Love her ... Hermana S
Woo hoo well this friday if everything goes according to plan J will be baptized :] We have been teaching him just for a few weeks but he is so ready! Just pray for him that he feels ready too :] This past week we taught him about the word of wisdom. He actually does drink coffee and thought it was weird we don't. We taught this lesson at a members house. Right after the lesson ended the member said, "Okay here you go I made you some cinnimon tea!" HAHAHA J was like , "Umm hermana we cant drink that!!!" We had to explain that we cant drink any tea from a tea plant. Those gray lines are hard for me personally I just stay away from all kinds of tea. But J has been keeping la palabra de sabiduria which is awesome! He had work this sunday so missed spanish branch BUT went to the 9am session and took the sacrament :] Hes a great investigators.

Met a new guy this week, G. Yeah he's name is pretty common haha. The first time we met him he was so excited and gave me a hug! HAhaha but he was exitced to see missionaries again. Our first lesson he explained how he was away for a year and during that time he read all the bible AND the book of mormon!!! I was so shocked! He knows the BOM is true and joseph smith is a prohphet! He said, "Sometimes I even watch the joseph smith movie that the elders gave me!!!" The only downer is he is planning on getting baptized in the pentacostal; church next month. What he doesnt know is we are planning on having him be baptized in our church next month haha :]

It was time to take out the couch :(
OH! So this Thursday we left the appartment early so I could go to the doctor, then get my new bike, go to the pharmecy, go drop off the loner bike I was borrowing, then go home. All during those 4 hours the housing inspector of the mission went and did a surprise check on our appartment.....haha what a blessing we werent there. He had a huge list of all the things we need to do to fix the appartment. He called us later that day and said, "Did you get my love note?" Haha referring to the list of to dos we have to do. He mentionedd how gross our couch was and we needed to throw it away cause its so old. He also mentioned that we need to have weather proofing on our doors so bugs dont come in. My comp responded, "Yeah cause the other week we found a dead mouse! Well actually maybe the mouse came form the couch" hahah it was so funny.  Long story short he wanted us to carry this HUGE old nasty couch our of the apparment to the dumpster which was so far away. We got the elders help and it was fine.  Dah i got to go! haha I love you all and will talk to you next week :}

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