Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Going on 7 months of biking .. look what I got for christmas! A new bike!
Woooow I cant believe its almost christmas!!! I am so excited to skype everyone! i hope i have the chance to see my siblings on a mission kelsey and austin but if not know I love you both sooo much and hopefully we can all see each other on Mothers Day :]

this past week the branch had their christmas party! It was fun.  there was a good turn out we got some of our investigators to show up and there was a loooot of food! one of my best friends in the branch E was santa clause hahaha it was so funny! they covered his face with so much hair you couldnt even see his face. so it was like looking at santa but with ALL his hair covering his face AND he was speaking in spanish hahaha it was so awesome! 
Love them!
we also had the mission christmas party which was so awesome! we had a guy come who is a patriarch and he explained about the abrahamic covenent and the 12 tribes and things like that, it was really awesome! got to hear some talks, watched ephriums rescue. it was a pretty cheese movie, some parts were touching because its based on a real life person. i would totally recommend you guys watching it :] there was a kissing scene and it was so funny to see all the different reactions of the missionaries!!! some people whistled, others covered their eyes hahaha funny enough even i thought the kissing scene was awkward! i feel so over protected sometimes haha the food was so good there was sooo much of it! one of the servers was awkward though he was an RM who was totally hitting on my friend Hermana S and i haha. There was a talent show and one kid went up there and did a miming skit. I was actually laughing really hard! Then my friend next to me starts busting up laughing to then says, "HAHAHAHA oh I am so deprived of television. I have no sense of humor anymore" which made me laugh even more! then they had a mission slide show with pictures of all the missionaries of 2013. Wow that made me laugh and cry. Just seeing how quickly time flies by and then all of a sudden you're done with your mission. Mission president and his family played out the nativity! It was so cute the have 7 kids all under the age of 15 it was so cute. 
Best friend Hermana S  ~  other friend Hermana E

Trained Hermana O - MTC comp Hermana R! - Hermana N (right) same MTC district!
Our Mission President's sweet family acted out the Nativity
Im sorry this letter is so short! I dont have a lot of time today but know i love you all so much am so blessed to be a member of this church :] thank you or all you do and have done for me!

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