Monday, December 16, 2013

Going on 5th transfer in same area on a Bike

Found out today I'll be having another 6 weeks here in B Bike area. Obviously whatever God wants me to learn here I haven't learned yet haha.  if its his will that I should stay another transfer here in B that I would do everything I can to start being more dedicated to baptize our investigators. I know this is why I'm here another transfer. We have investigators who need both Hermana C and I. I know that my trials and tribulations "worketh patience" (Romans 5:3) and that I need to "continue in patience until [I] am perfected" (D&C 67:13).
I love being in this area for so long. Because I've been here since July a lot of people have remembered my name, even though its a hard one for Hispanics to say :] P the 78 year old member called us the other day and said, "Its gonna be cold outside today!! Are you going to stay inside? You probably should." Haha then we'd say, "We have to go work P! We are going outside." Then the otherday he said, 'Hermanita Jaeger did you know your name is in the bible?!!" I laughed so hard and told him I had no idea!! He said, "Yeah its in Genesis 31:47!!" In the Spanish scriptures it uses the word Jegar hahaha but in the English bible it like jegarhsaholhfeu or something like that. I thought it was so cute for some reason he went and was reading and looked up or found my name :] Like I've mentioned before I feel really loved in this area, and wanted. I know this is where I'm suppost to be.
This email is going to be pretty short because I don't have a ton to write about haha. BUT after church a member in the branch took us to go and decorate I's house for Christmas! When we got there she was on oxygen for her asthma :[ like the one the boys use to use? It was sad. I gave her a hug and started helping to decorate. Then as we were decorating her house she asked if I would help fold the laundry on her bed. I sat down by her and helped fold her laundry while everyone else decorated the house. She was so happy to see all the lights and Navitity Set! It brought a big smile onto her face :] we sang Silent night which helped bring in the spirit as well :]

During studies this week I realized something. Everyone will go through trials in life. Trials don't come because we are bad people. Job from the bible had trials, and he was a great man! Jesus Christ was perfect and he had the greatest trials of all. I know that trials come into our lives because they give us an opportunity to rely and strengthen our faith in God. Like my mom said, "God gives his toughest battles to his shoudlers". I also love what it says in my blessing that "the lord challenges those and allows adversity to  come into the lives of the great ones". How grateful I am to be here on a mission. I love this time of year!!! The spirit of Christ is just so strong during this time of year. Hope you all have agreat week :] I love you!

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