Monday, November 18, 2013

Stress and Sickness

Got a hug in the mail from my little brother!!!

I was hoping that someone would be on (haha right as I was typing that sentence mom emailed me back!) Before I start explaining about my week I want to give a big thank you to my mom. Mom you have been been faithfully writing me weekly. I cannot put into words how grateful I am for all you do for me mom. I seriously cherish the small time I get to have with you every P-Day and I wish it could last all p-day haha. How fortunate I am to have such a supportive and loving family.

This week has been really hard for me in all aspects. Mentally, physically, and spiritually and because of the crazy weather here in Texas and having some days where the weather is in the 30s and the next day its in the 80s I've gotten pretty sick. I laugh at when people give advise to the sick missionaries to rest when you can....but I never can because I'm on a bike!!! IN the weather! Sometimes I even lose my voice and can barely teach people. Okay but instead of focusing on all the negative things that happened this week I will focus on the good and funny things that happened.

1) Comp thought itd be a good idea to stop and talk to a group of about 15 workers while they were on their lunch break. Most intimidating thing in my life hahaha but somehow they all accepted a pass along card with address to the church building in Houston where they live!
2) As I shook one dudes hand he wouldn't let go...then he wouldn't stop starring at me!!! He told me I was beautiful and we just left and told him the Elders would come to see him haha! Another guy was in his truck and started talking to us. I could tell he was trying to make a move cause he kept asking whats my name was. Then as we were leaving he asked how old I was so I said, "I'm 21. But I have a boyfriend back in California. Bye!" Haha it was so funny.
3) We dropped or stopped teaching R. i know one day he will accept the gospel.
4) teaching an amazing 11 year old girl! She was so happy to get a book of mormon and loves learning about the church

Sorry this letter is short. haha. Love you and happy birthday dad! I'm sending both you and mom your gifts this week  -Hermana Jaeger

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