Monday, October 14, 2013

Miracles wrought by Faith ~ We had a Baptism!

Good morning :]
I cannot put into words my gratitude and appreciation for every single person who prayed and fasted for I... I am sincerely grateful for your help and your faith. This past week my faith was tested numerous times. But through it all my faith has grown.  And we had a BAPTISM!

Monday we talked to the Elders and planned on them going with us to the hospital so I... can have her baptismal interview. We waited outside the door anxiously. After 30 minutes Elder L came out of the room. She had passed! 
The beautiful pool where I... was Baptized!  She was so happy.
Wednesday we started the baptismal program. we went and visited I... at her home with a member, Hermana H. We got into the house to see Irma sitting on her bed in much pain. She asked if Hermana H... could help put chicken on the stove. Hermana went to town on cutting up the big chicken haha and she cooked it with tons of vegetables. Since the food was going to take a few hours to cook Hermana H... took her dinner out of the car and gave it to I.... I started crying at the kindness this member gave to I... She talked to I... about her baptism and what a beautiful day it will be! I... was more excited about the date, as long as she didn't have pain.

Thursday Hermana H and R told us they would be making the baptismal dress for I...! :)

Friday we stopped by I's house just my comp and I. I... told us shes been in a lot of pain and had an appointment with the doctors Saturday at 8 am. the day of her baptism. I didn't know what to do so I walked outside and started crying. I prayed to know what to do. I called the two relief society woman and told them we needed help. They stopped working on making the dress for I... and came to help us. Again they made her food, cleaned the house, we helped get I... ready, ect. After 2 hours of being there I... agreed to move her appointment to Monday!  :) 

All Friday night I could not sleep. I kept waking up with fear that I... couldn't get baptized or how she would get into the water, ect. I even started dreaming about the baptism!

Saturday morning we got a call from Hermana H... She told us I... is not well and we might not have the baptism. Right away I thought of calling the Elders. they were happy to go over to I's house and give her a blessing. All 6 of us missionaries and a few of the members showed up to the house of I... When the Elders started giving I... the blessing the spirit filled the whole house. it was an amazing experience. How grateful I am for priesthood holders. 

After the blessing I... felt better! The women helped I... get ready and after sitting at her house for 4 hours I... was ready! The baptism started over an hour late but miraculously it all worked out. Her baptism dress was beautiful and she was in awe that the woman made it for her. She was in pain getting into the cold water but she toughed it out. The three men helped her immerse fully under water and it only took one try! Branch president allowed her to be confirmed pool side because she is not able to go to church in her condition. I... was so happy.

So grateful of the Priesthood & the Elders
I was so touched by the Relief Society Sisters
I'm so grateful for this experience in my life. I've learned a lot but the thing that I've learned the most from this experience is trust in the Lord and never doubt his ways. God will put you through experiences that you don't understand why you have to deal with this situation or trial or difficulty. But I promise that as you are sitting in the celestial kingdom surrounded with your loved ones you will look back on your experience in life and appreciate and understand the trials you were put through. God knows us perfectly. He is our heavenly father and because he is our father he wants us to make it back home! He sent his son Jesus Christ here so through him we'd be able to repent and return home. I love my savior and am eternally grateful for his sacrifice for me. I know this is the true church on the earth today. I 
believe in miracles.
Our District celebrating after I's Baptism

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