Monday, October 21, 2013

Letter to my BROTHER Elder Jaeger


This week I feel a great urge to direct this letter to my little brother. Austin, I want you to recap and think about all the fun events that have occured for you these past few weeks leading up to your mission. Can you see and feel the love from those who you are surronded by? I want you to remember that all those people who wished you luck will be praying for you. Every day. You will be prayed for in the temples several times a week. Angels will be with you all day. Every day. To bear you up. To protect you. To watch over you. You're setting apart as a missionary is a real thing. You have authority to preach the gospel. elder godlen from the 70 shared an interesting knoweldge with us missionaries. Austin, did you know there are 3 main powers on the world today?

The power of faith. The power of the priesthood. The power of the devil. Many times I have seen and used the power of faith on my mission. Faith seems like such a primary/basic topic but its important. You will see as you are on your mission that you will be put through situations that will test your faith. Trust in God. As you are stretched because of trials you begin to use and rely on your faith and it starts to grow. Faith brings miracles.
You have the power of the priesthood. Austin always stay vitruous and clean so you have use this power to its full advantage. How grateful I am for the power of the priesthood in my life. Without the priesthood I wouldnt be a missionary. I wouldnt have been baptized. This church wouldnt exist today. One of the things we have in our church that makes us different from the rest is the power of the true priesthood. We teach the restoration as the first lesson with people because its what our church has that no other church has claim on. How blessed we are to live during a time where the true church has been restored back ont he earth.
And here is the reason why God has called you, Elder Austin Charles Jaeger, as a missionary of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Lucifer has power and is trying to destroy your precious brothers and sisters. But remember, Gods power is much greater. We know that in the end Gods team will win in this battle. You have power. Remember that your Father in heaven" worketh by power, according to the faith of [his children]" (moroni 10:7). Trust in God. Without his help Austin we cannot be successful in our work as missionaries. If you struggle with learning the language, trust in God. If you are scared to open your mouth to someone on the street, trust in God. If you are feeling homesick or like you dont belong, trust in God. He knows you perfectly! He loves you and knows what to put in your path for you to endure and make it back home to him.
How proud I am of you Austin to go and serve your mission. The people in Santiago need you. God is preapring people over there for you to teach and baptize. All you must do is pray for guidance from God, and go out and work HARD to find those who are prepared.  "And ye are called to bring to pass the agathering of mine belect; for mine elect chear my voice and dharden not their ehearts;" (d&c 29:7). The elect are waiting for you Elder Jaeger! So tighten up your tie, lace up your shiney new shoes,  and go to work. I love you with all my heart.
Love- your sister Hermana Ashley Jaeger

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