Monday, October 7, 2013

For with God, nothing shall be impossible

what a wonderful week. I loved Conference. i received so much revelation during the sessions. When the prophet spoke tears came to my eyes. I know he is the one and only true prophet that lives today on the earth. How blessed we are to have a living prophet today to give us guidance and direction.
R has his interview with President Ashton to see if he can be baptized. He has a testimony of this gospel. R attended priesthood session, and both sessions of conference on sunday! AND between the 1st and 2nd session the other sisters in our branch had a baptism!!! Brazos branch has not had a baptism in almost a year and V was the first baptism of 2013. We know this is just the start of many more baptisms to come.

This past week we've been praying to know who is ready to be baptized this weekend (oct 12-13). We made a list of people who could be baptized. On this date my comp wrote MILAGRO (miracle) haha. We also have been giving up things to show the Lord were ready for a baptism. This week we decided to do a 9 day long english fast. Meaning we only speak spanish for 9 days.

During personal study in the morning a thought came to my mind, "I needs to be baptized". I thought what no way, shes still in the hospital and her condition is not good. Her name isn't even on the list of people who could be baptized. But the words wouldnt leave my mind, "I needs to be baptized". So I stopped what I was doing and offered up a simple prayer to God. I felt a peace after the prayer that this was possible. But how? Then the words came to my mind, "God can do anything". Then I looked right at my scriptures to the page that was open and this was the first thing I read, "For with God, nothing shall be impossible". I started to cry. I told my companion about this and she also cried. We prayed to know if this was His will and we recevied a confirmtion that it was.

Sunday during the 2nd session we drove to the hopsital to show I conference. Somehow I dont even know how but everything worked out and I was able to see the prophet speak. I started to cry again axplaining to I that we've been praying and know she needs to be baptized this weekend. She smiled and said she wants to be baptized. Even more tears filled my eyes. We went through all the baptismal questions and she had no problems. She has her interview this tuesday to see if shes ready.  She will leave the hopsital this thursday, be baptized amd confirmed this saturday and sunday and then tuesday she will have an opperation done on her heart.

For my family and Taylor I'de like to please ask if you could all individually and as a family pray that I will be ready physically, spiritually, and mentally for her baptism this weekend. I really appreciate all your help and support in my life.

I just want to share my testimony of my father in heaven. I know he is a god of miracles. I am a witness of this. Even when things dont seem logical, God understands perfectly and he knows all. I trust in my God with all my heart. I know I could not do this work with out his guidance, help, and direction. I am eternally grateful for his son Jesus Christ. I will always live my life in a way that brings him glory. He is my savior. My light. My salvation. Because of him I can be with my family for eternity. What greater blessing is there then this. i know this gospel is true. In the name of jesus christ, amen.

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