Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend ~ Mormon Helping Hands

Buenos dias a mi familia en california y chile,

This week was a lot of fun! We had the AWESOME opportunity to go serve at the houston food bank with all the youth in the stake. Hna W and I got special permission and were the only missionaries who went to help :] we had our investigators come and help! it was so fun. Its amazing the service that goes on in places like that. It touched my heart knowing we were bagging up food for chidlren who had none. With our group and another we packaged up 5700 dinner bags for those who need food. There was a statistic that said 94% of people who are starving are not homeless people. That shocked me. I want to strive to do more service for others, especially children who dont put themselves in those situations. I have a great love for children.
Mormon Helping Hands ~ Texas Food Bank
Also this week we went to visit a member couple from the church. The husband was in ICU and he looked so bad. The wife is incredible, her husband has been in the hospital since january on dialisis and she has slept over at the hospital everynight, never leaving his side. Oh wow she is an amzing woman. 3 days after that her husband passed away. Oh it hurt my heart seeing a couple who had been together for so long be seperated. He just died this week and after 3 months of helping her husband she was able to go to church this sunday, easter sunday. I know she felt loved with ALL the members welcoming her back. 

This week Hna W is leaving me:[ aww I hate when good times have to end!!! I love her with all my heart. We laughed the other day thinking about how fast we bonded and we were always on the same page. She reminded me of moments I've spent with my sister Kelsey :] I love you guys so much and am glad you are all doing well :]
love hna jaeger


Amy said...

Hi, I came across your blog while I was looking for pictures of "Mormon Helping Hands" to use for a flyer in our local area. I love the first picture of you and your companion and I was wondering, would you give us permission to use it on our flyer? :)

*Shelli* said...

Amy, yes of course :)