Monday, February 3, 2014

Wha'd up Houston

Hello Houston freeways!  They call this spaghetti bowl.
Me & my new comp Hermana W

Found out that I'll be serving in the city! And in a car! My bike after 7 months needed a break too! I'm so excited! Its seriously a HUGE area and im pretty sure im going to get lost haha. I love my new companion Sister W. She is so cute and such a good missioanry. I love her.

Well the day and a half before I left Brazos was hard and sad. So many members wanted me to come over and say goodbye. Tuesday night there was a handful of members who wanted me to go to the church so I can say goodbye to them. It was sad :[ Some of the members cried so much! But I knew I was done int he area and God wanted me to help another area. I hate goodbyes :[ One mebers E P gave me a birthday cake because I wouldnt be around to celebrate it there haha it was so nice. I went to visit I but she was in the hospital again so I didnt get to say goodbye. But I know the Lord will take care of her.
 The morning of transfers we were packing up to leave. Then as I turned to go back and get more stuff I saw an old man pushing his walker in the cold. It was P :] I tried to stop by and tell him goodbye but he was sleeping so I left a card for him at his door. He said he was so happy to get it he woke up to walk over to my apt to say goodbye and wish me luck :] I started crying a little. He is such a sweet man and it will be a miracle if I can see him again after my mission. But I am so excited to work here in this other area! Hermana W and I get a long really well.
I love this man!  P walked 20 minutes in the cold to say goodbye to me!

Other then that I am doing well :] I know this is where I'm suppost to be. I love this work and I love being a missioanry. Sad to think that this month I'll hit my year mark. To my brother serving in Chile .. Austin live it up, the mission goes way to fast.

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