Monday, February 10, 2014

Miracle Baptism

Hermana Jaeger is in the first row ~ right side ~
5th one in black jacket/peach shirt
Wow this week has gone by fast!! This past week I was able to meet our investigator L. The first time I met him, right away he reminded me of my brother Garrett :] so kind, doesnt want to get in anyone's way, has a good sense of humor, always looking our for others. My first lesson with him was so cool! His mom and sister are members. Right in the middle of our lesson L speaks up and says, "Hermana's, I've been praying to know if I need to be baptized. The other night I was praying in my moms room and I felt something in my heart. At first I didnt notice what it was but now I understand that it was a sign from God that I need to be baptized". Haha we were soooo excited and taken back!!! We invited him to be baptized this Sunday (5 days later). He was super nervous but we all knelt down and L prayed to know if he should be baptized on Feb 9th. After the prayer he said he felt good about the date :D so the next few days we taught all the lessons and planned a baptism. I'm getting better at not getting stressed out with limited amount of time haha. Sunday came and the baptism went well :] At first L was REALLY nervous! I think it was because all of us were running around like chickens getting everything set haha. But it was so cool to see him get baptized. After he was baptized and came and sat by hermana W and I we asked how he felt and he responded with a big smile, "I feel GREAT!" L has a special little place in my heart, especially because he reminds me of bro Garrett :]

I love my companion Hermana W so much!!! We get a long SO WELL and seriously everything that comes out of her mouth happens haha. Examples; during church we were SO HUNGRY and wanted a valentines cookie. After church a young woman comes up to us and gives us this BIG valentines pizza cookie haha! we wanted a baptism together and after a 1 1/2 of being together we had L baptized. She is just SUCH an amazing person and I have so much love and respect for her :] We have had some great times together already.
Downtown Houston Texas
The other night we were driving and we pull behind two cars. As we are waiting at the light the car infront of us had his back hood pop up. We thought it was so weird. As the trunk slowly pulls up we see these HUUUGE speakers blasting bumpin music and lights ALL inside the hood. We started laughing so hard and were trying to get our cameras out to take a pic. Then we read the message and it had some bad words in it haha. The light turned green and the hood went down and the car drove away. 3 seconds later the car next to us had his back trunk start pulling up HHAHAHAHA we were in so much shock!!! This second car had huge speakers too with decked out lights and music in the trunk haha. To this day we regret not taking a picture. The poeple here in Houston city are craaazy. We had to go to downtown houston and look up some people. One guys info directed us to this SUPER nice apt complex that we couldnt go in without a pin to buz in :[ im pretty sure my whole wardrobe cost the same as one of the plants sitting outside haha! Then we went into the city and we pull up to this weird building. We walk in and find out its a jail haha but the guy had already been released a few days ago. 

I love it here in Houston Texas :] I'll be sure to take some more better pics. Love you!

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