Monday, September 9, 2013

Stormy days in September

So this week has been CRAZY weather!!! Haha i have no idea whats been going on. Yesterday we were biking to someones house. The ride there and during the lesson it didnt rain at all. As we leave the house to our apartment it starts DOWN POURING haha like so bad that I cant even look straight infrount of me!!! We got home totally soaked with only 5 minutes to get ready for a devotional we were going to. God has a great sense of humor.

This week we had the miracle of having 3 investigators show up to church!! I thank the lord for this miracle becuase its so hard to get people to church. S and A are a couple who came and then a girl A came with her cousins who are members! It was awesome. S is the sweetest woman ever and A is so funny. S met A when she was 15 and they soon got married after that and have been together ever since :]
A is a cousin of K a member. A and K LOVE us, they already added me on insta and facebook haha and K has me as her screen saver.  K also has the opportunity to go to the temple now so we brought up baptisms for the dead and told her she could take a family name to the temple! She's really excited and this upcoming Sunday we are going to try and have K and her family participate in the fmaily history class in the branch. We taught K family about the importance of family home evenings, praying, and reading together. We are going to visit with them tuesday.

M is the grandma of K, the O family. We got to teach about FHE and the importance of family time with M there. She loved the idea and wants to be apart of the FHE with her daughter and grandkids.

S and A the couple came to church this sunday to see what it was like and staid the first hour. We had the J family come out with us and after the lesson we found out that S is the God mother of Hermana J!! This helped S and A feel more comfortable going to church and while there Hermana J sat with them! We had a great lesson.

R attended the devotional this past sunday and loved it. He still has a desire to learn more but will not accept a baptismal date until he receives an answer that the book of mormon is true. He has been reading and keeping commitments. we also had a noche de mormona with R at a members house!

T is a new lady we passed by on the street. This week we got to sit down and teach her and her son J. Both accepted dates for october 5. We asked T and J to start reading the book of mormon together and he started reading right away haha!! T said this week she wants us to go to her mothers house (who lives in our area) and teach her! We are praying that the next lesson we can teach her husband. He believes in God but doesnt believe we need to go to church. 

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