Monday, September 16, 2013

Keep moving forward ... Saving lives!! Ah Ha Moment..

Thank you for your emails, they really do bring a lot of happiness into my life. I get pretty dang emotional when I teach about the plan of salvation and how families have the opportunity to be together forever. When it feels right, I explain that as a missionary I am away from my family for a year and a half to help other families be together forever. i miss my family so much and its sad being away from y'all but how much more grateful I am for the plan of salvation and to know that I will be with my family not just temporarily in earth but forever.

This sunday we had two people attend church! R and a new guy J.  is hard because he feels he is going to receive his answer in the bible. We are praying that we will know which of our investigators is ready to be baptized.

This week our investigator I was in the hospital. sunday we got to go visit her with some members of the church. How sad it was to see 50 year old I sitting in the hospital bed with tubes hooked up and needles intact with her skin. And still with all shes been through, she was wearing a smile. We made her a card and she loved it.  she cried as she expressed how she didnt want to be like this anymore, be so sick.  As we stood and listened my companion started balling. We decided to sign a hymn to her because she loves the church songs, they give her peace. As we sang in her hospital room a group of people stood outside the door, listening. I know the some didnt understand the spanish words we were singing but I know that they were drawn to the music becuase they could feel the spirit. We sang "Abide with Me" which brought tears to my eyes. We prayed with I for strength and comfort. Afterward she prayed, expressed her love for her heavenly father and for the members of the chruch who came to visit, she named us off all individually. she expressed in her prayer her desire to be baptized. this made me cry even more. Many things limit her.  we promised her we would stop by when we can and pray with her. Walking out of the hospital I realized why I am a missionary. I want to be a nurse because I love helping people. i feel its my job to save lives. Now is the time for me to save lives spiritually. As my cimpanion and I knelt in our apartment to pray we asked our father in heaven to take special care our Irma. I know the lord watches of her his children.

I've noticed a difference in myself since when I came to Texas and where I am at now. At first I was super shy to preach the gospel. I was nervous. I worried people would judge me and I would be picked on. I barely opened my mouth because I didnt know what to say, especially in a new language. Coming to a new area my 3rd transfer, having to be a senior companion, and follow up train was an even bigger struggle. I already relied so muchon the lord because of the language but now I was desperate for his guidance because now I was over a whole new area. Instead of being the junior companion and following what my senior companion would do, I had to be the one to say the first word, I had to lead out the lessons, I had to start out extending baptismal dates. A lot is put on the shoulders of a senior companion and after 12 weeks of being in texas i didnt think i was ready for this. I remember, and still have, many nights where I cry unto my father in heaven to help me speak the language, to help me meet people who are ready to change, to help me be a good servant of his. As I started to shift my thoughts from myself and all my worries and struggles to worrying about my investiogators i believe this was the moment when the miracles started to pour in. Yes I havent had a baptism yet. But I have seen this gospel change lives without them commiting to baptism yet. Ive seen eyes light up as we share about the story of a boy who humbled himself to his Father in heaven to know which church he should join and in the procees he sees God and Jesus christ. I see peoples hearts touched by the spirit as we bear testimomny of our savior and his life. I see those who are sick physically, confused mentally, or lost spiritually find hope in this gospel, the gospel of jesus christ. I know with all my heart and souls that this is the true and only church of jesus christ. I will not stop moving this work forward until my savior says so.

I love this work. How gratefulI am for this opportunity in my life to help others

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