Monday, June 10, 2013

We get bashed & just SMILE back :)

Doing what we love to do on Pday's!!!
Hola mi muy bonita familia!
Wow that's crazy Kelsey's video of us opening our calls is on the Deseret News page! That's super awesome I hope it helps motivate youth to go on missions, especially the young women! Being a missionary is the best decision I have ever made in my life :] It's not easy but oh is it worth it. Not only does the mission change the lives of others but it also is changing my life. Its helping me prepare to be a strong member of the church, funny enough teaching me good mom skills and wife skills hahaha. I love reading the scriptures and just gaining more knowledge about the church. Its amazing I thought I knew a lot about the church and in the scriptures but being out on the mission I've come to find out theres always room to learn more about the church haha.

Oh thank you SOOOOOO SOOOOO much for the package! One morning I was walking out of the bathroom and my companion yells, "Its christmas!!!' Haha someone dropped of the package to our apartment and I was so ecxcited! I love evrything that you put in there thank you so much you really didnt have to do that but i really appreciate it and am so grateful!  I cant explain how happy that made me.

This week we had the chance to teach a few new people. We are teaching a members husband named L.G.  who is awesome! We watched the Restoration video and he loved it, hes been trying to figure out which church is the right one. He was really interested in learning more and we are so excited to go back and teach him the Plan of Salvation with his amazign wife.
Took off our shoes to go help wash cars :)
R. B. is amazing and progressing so much! When we stopped by her house she was outside washing her car. so we took of our tracting shoes and helped her wash her truck, she was so grateful and the whole time we washed her car she was asking us about hwat she had read in the scritpures!!! In just a few days she had already read the first 6 chapters on Nefi!!! As we were finishing up her truck, her husband pulled up to the house and was so impressed that we were helping wash the car in skirts! He was kind and offered us water and started helping us clean the car. After we finished we hurried and ran over to C. truck and started washing his! It was fun and it reallly showed them how much we care for them. They were nice and afterwards helped wash our car. Then we taught them about church and showed the pictrues of the church building (great idea from Elder Lewis) and they loved it. 

Though we have few members in the branch that can help us they are wonderful. We have received a lot of help from L R. We taught the restoration to a family and it was really powerful!!! The spirit was so strong! My companion and I did really well with explaining the restoration in a good amount of time. 

This week Hermana K and I are having an inner/outer beauty night with the young women for mutual. We are so excited and we hand made 25 invitations for the young women and for them to invite their friends. We hope as we meet new nonmember girls we can teach them at the members home.
We have helped reactivate some less actives.  They feel so happy being back to church. I think what sparked the interest again was having them have the chance to talk about their baptism and how it was such a special day. Its awesome to see the reaction of them coming back to church and feeling that happiness and peace again from attending church. 
MO City District
Spanish is coming along pretty well! everyone is so nice and keeps complimenting me on how my spanish is improving. I'm working really hard on it and practice something in the spanish textbooks everyday. I love serving a mission and just want to help everyone I come incontact with!!! Funny, a few times this week we've had to knock doors and I'm sure it surprises peoplethey are bashing and I'm just smiling back at them becuase I seriously have no idea what they are saying to me. But I've realized even if I dont understand spanish and the people that speak it I have such a great love for them because I see them the way God sees them. Precious.
Thanks for all the love and support and prayers!
Love-Hermana Ashley Jaeger
fav quote: Heaven is a continuation of the ideal home :]


*Shelli* said...

You are one amazing missionary

Virginia Finnie said...

Love seeing her out serving and washing cars in a skirt--I am sure that was a first. So happy to hear she is doing well.