Monday, April 15, 2013

MTC Helps

Thins I would suggest to missionaries who are preparing to go onto a mission:

1) READ the whole book of mormon-it will strengthen your testimony so much
2) If you are called to serve a mission in a different langauge PRACTICE the langauge before you hit the mission
3) Bring shower sandals to the MTC
4) Bring a robe for the dorms in comes in handy
5) Take any seminary scripture cards or master cards with you, they will come in handy
6) Make sure to have a bottle to put water in during class
7) Bring modest gym clothes! They are so strict on that
8) Honestly, I brought ALL 3 of my hair curlers/straighteners and have barly used them haha you become so focussed on the work that doing your hair is the last thing on your mind
9) Buy a little notebook to write your favorite scriptures in, you will want to remember important scriptures
10) In the MTC just do everything that is asked of you!!! Don't be nervous to teach others, the MTC is PRACTICE for the real deal. So don't hold back
11) Bring lots of snacks to keep you awake during those long class hours haha
12) Bring picture of your family
13) Buy a little hymn book you use it 3 times a day

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