Monday, April 8, 2013

mtc- Apostle

Hey family!

So I have 11 days left in the MTC until I head out to Houston. It's crazy how time flies by out here in the mission. We are awake 16 hours a day and it still feels like I need more time in the day to do everything! Today was wonderful I love P-day because I have the opportunity to go to the temple :] I have never been more appreciative of the opportunity to attend the temple then now. It is such an amazing feeling to think that after all the enduring and enjoying in this life we will live in peace in the next. I love the celestial room I wish I could stay there for hours!

After we left the temple my companion and I were walking towards the MTC. It's the weirdest feeling to leave the MTC to go out into the world to visit the temple and then to go back into the MTC. Anyway as my comp and I were waiting for the crosswalk to turn green all of a sudden a young man ran past us without a shirt on. Hahaha it was the most weirdest thing I have ever experienced. For 5 weeks I have been in the presence of people always in modest clothing and seeing someone with little clothing on was just such a shock haha. I have no idea what to expect out in the field.

I told mom this already but yesterday my companion and I taught 4 people!!! Ususally we only teach one. It was the best day ever because I totally felt the presence of the Holy ghost the whole day. I know the Lord is helping me in this work. Without the Holy Ghost I would not be able to teach others about this amazing gospel. During an interview with a counselor in the presidency he asked me how I was doing. I told him how awesome I am doing especially with my companionj Sister R and how much I love her. He explained that love is not just a feeling but a verb! I love that.

On Tuesday we had a devotional by Elder Lawrence E Corbridge of the 70. What I got out of it was to step up and not waste any time as a missionary. His wife shared a story of a girl who went out on her mission speaking another language. The sister expressed how hard it was to communicate with others and it made her sad. Then one day as she was trying to talk to a women on the street the women told the sister not to worry about the language because the light that the sister held from her presence spoke more clearly then any words she could ever say. Something else I got from the devotional is how answers come to us and that though the answers we recieve may not be in the way we expect they will be for our good.

Its so important to pray to always pray with real intent!!! If we just pray without purpose or feeling the scriptures tell us those prayers aren't received. And always constantly pray for the constant companionship of the holy ghost!

I love you guys so much! Can't wait to hear form you again :] Oh I haven't picked up your package yet but I will later today. Thank you for sending me stuff! You are amazing and I miss you all so much :] Happy Easter!

Love- Hermana Ashley Jaeger

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