Monday, June 17, 2013

First Day Biking!

This poor turtle was trying to cross the road.  I had to save him!
Well this week has been interesting and different!
Before I forget, PLEASE as a family read D&C 31:3-13 BEFORE Austin opens his mission call. I was trying to find a good scripture that can relate to him and that is a perfect one about receiving your mission call :]

This morning we got a text at 6:15am saying we needed to read the emergency hurrican evacutation list and head to the church. In my head I was like Uhhh why does this have to happen on P-Day!! We jumped out of bed and started doing everything listed on the list; pack all valuables in a trash bag and put on a high shelf in the closet, pack up change of clothes, bedding, scriptures, and a ton of mroe things like non parishable foods, gallon of water, ect. We took an hour to pack EVERYTHING away into plastic bags and then put onto of shelves, got our stuff in the car, got gas, and headed to the church without ANY makeup, hair quickly put into a pony tail, and clothes kind of wrinkled. As we pull into the church we see all the elders in our district there. Come to find out our whole mission had a emergency hurrican evacuation DRILL. We were kind of upset but we have such funny Elders in our district we couldnt stay upset. One Elder said when he heard about the evacuation he ran like a fat kid to the fridge and got the pan dulce (cake) Hahaha!

(Biking and Slupries!!)
This week was my first time to be on my bike! I love it thanks for picking out a good one :] But oh man the day we rode bikes was HOT and the roads we took had no sidewalks...thankfully we prayed for safety before and the whole during the whole ride that day. As we kept biking further into our a new part of our area that we hadnt visited yet we started to get discouraged because we weren't finding any spanish speakers. During our last hour of biking before dinner we conacted a lady who have us a referal!!! We hurried to the house and the lady opened the door and allowed us in!!! We were able to quickly teach her about the restoration but what caught her interest the most was temples! We gave her a picture of the Salt lake temple and explained about it and that we have one in houston! She was so excited and understood all teh doctrine we shared with her. I was blown away when I started simply exmplaining and teaching I.. while my comp looked for a scripture passage, the words were just flowing from my mouth with easy. I know the Lord was guiding my words because I couldnt have taught her without his help haha. She is catholic and likes wehre shes at but felt it was a sign from God for her to change her religion because we showed up at ehr door AND that we speak spanish because in that neighborhood theres only one other spanish speaking lady! Teaching that lady, I.. was honestly a miracle from God after such a long day of biking. How grateful I am for the many blessing and miracles the Lord has blessed our area with!
I didn't know my hour long prayer was going to put my comp to sleep... 
Okay so Sunday we FINALLY got our first investigator to church!  Her and her son were able to follow a member in the ward to church. And funny enough the sunday R and her son came to church the bishop asked if Hermana K and I could sing a special version of army of helaman of sacrament because he loved our voices. R loved the song and told us she wanted us to sing more at her house when we teach haha! R felt really comfortable and there were a lot of nice members that went up and said hi to her :]
Also this past week our district had a study on praying specifically in our prayers. Elder Birks asked me if I would share my thought on depending on the Lord through prayer. i decided to share read in Luke 22:39-44 about the Saviors prayer in the Garden. Rememeber this is all in spanish haha. As I read those few verses the spirit touched my heart and I couldnt hold back the teach which were filling my eyes. Just seeing how much pain The Savior suffered and after feeling so much pain he prayed more earnestly instead of just quiting. His endurance is amazing and he is the perfect example of depending on our Heavenly Father through prayer. 
A sweet sister from our ward brought these shirts back for us from Guatemala :)
Later that day as we were out we ran out of visiting all the people we had written down to visit and looking in our area book. i prayed to myself to know what we should do and I felt like we should tract on a specific street. we drove to the street and I said a prayer for the both of us. I prayed that we would receive referrals and have the opportunity to talk to people who were interested in learing about the gospel. Just as we got out of the car there was a man walking towards us with his dog. We stopped to talk to him and asked if he knew of any spanish speakers on the street. Right away he threw out 4 people for us that we could go visit!!!! I was so impressed and couldnt believe the Lord answered my prayer that quickly for us to have help and receive referrals haha! The man spoke both english and spanish but wasn't interested in "being taught at" but we were able to talk about our religion and we invited him to visit out church on sunday.

The rest of our investigators are doing well and are a great families.

Biking & burnt arms
I've notice a very interesting yet amazing phrase while reading about the life of Christ. I love reading the stories of all the miracels he preformed. I love that after he heals every single person he tells them, "Thy faith hath made thee whole". How powerful that phrase is!!! To know that we can be forgiven, healed, made clean, when we put our faith and trust in the Savior.
I love you so much and hope you are all doing well! Tell me ASAP where Ausitn is going please!!!
Love-Hermana Ashley Jaeger
"God seeks to have us become more consecrated by giving everything. then when we come home to Him, He will generously give us all that he hath" -Neal A Maxwell
"Consecration, likewise, is not shoudler-shrugging acceptance but instead shoudler-squaring to better bear the yoke"
Our refrigerator!

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