Saturday, March 2, 2013

1st letter in the mail box :)

Hello to everyone and thank you for the letters!!!  :)

Dear Mi Famila!

First day in the MTC was good!  It was weird leaving you guys because I just had this feeling that it was my time to go.  I miss you guys.

My Companion is awesome!  Her name is Hermana R she is from Utah.  We get along so well. She loves to laugh and sing like me. :)  First class was Spanish and wow it was crazy!

Oh sis Kelsey is  2 doors down from me :).  Sometimes I think I hear her laugh so I look out the door and its not her :(  but I do hear her at times and I have seen her 3 times today.  I met her companion and shes nice.

So theres 6 girls and 4 guys in our district.  3 girls and 4 guys are going to Southern Houston :).  The girls in my district are so cool!  We all get along well.  My p-days will be on thursday I believe.

I'll write more but just wanted to send a quick note of how my first day was :).  In two days we will have to teach in Spanish!  I'm so nervous!

Oh an Elder played a beautiful musical number on the piano and I couldn't help but think of my bro Austin :).  Tell him to keep practicing those special piano Hymns, it will pay off!  There are SO many young Elders here they look like babies!

I love and miss you guys :).  You are always in my thoughts and payers.

Love ~ Hermana Ashley Jaeger


Heidi said...

Oh she sounds so good! How neat to be so close to Kelsey! Awesome letter!

Tiffani said...

Wow, that is so awesome that she and Kels are a few doors down from each other! That's great she loves her companion! She sounds happy as always! :)